January 2019 - Constantine Bay Surf Store

  • Surf Report for Saturday 5th January 2019

    At 8.45 a.m:   Constantine (3*):  3 feet   It’s feeling chillier this morning, that light offshore, south easterly breeze carrying just a little bite to it. Otherwise it is another calm and pleasant morning with only a light breeze drifting offshore to meet a clean and pleasant, enjoyable looking little three feet or so […]

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  • Surf Report for Friday 4th January 2019

    At 9.10 a.m:   Constantine (3*):  2 feet It’s another more overcast than we would like it kind of a day but the air is still, the temperature is low but okay and there are some blue streaks amongst the greyness which might just promise better for later. And there’s a couple of feet of […]

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  • Surf Report for Thursday 3rd January 2019

    At 8.30 a.m:   Constantine (2*):  1 to 2 feet     It is always nice to get back home, even if we have had a good time away.  And it’s especially good when there’s a small but pleasant little swell rolling in being shaped and moulded by light offshores. Yep, the waves are small […]

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