Sophie Moore

  • The Cold is upon us….

    … Or is it? Either way, we’ve noticed our hands and feet are beginning to feel something, that tingly, slightly numb, sensation, that one that tells us it’s about time we adorned a little bit more rubber. For months, the comments have been something along the lines of ‘Nah,nah, I know, I’m still in my […]

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    It’s only 10days ’til the BIG HO-HO-HO! If you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift, or just looking for some top-ups, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our top picks this Christmas! 1. Wooly Hats!   We’ve got an extensive range of wooly hats! Including this rather fab Patagonia number (various colours and styles available) […]

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  • Positive Precipitation…if there is such a thing.

    The past week (bar yesterday afternoon, when our old friend the Sun decided to show face), has been a dreary, miserly, heavy one at times. And as british dwellers we know these days like the backs of hands, almost (which isn’t very well, have you ever actually asked someone to describe the back of their […]

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      Photo: The Beach Life It’s officially National Marine Week! And we LOVE the sea, so we obviously LOVE all that live in it, even if the occasional passing shark attempts to attack one of our favourite surfers ( ) With the majority of the world we live on covered in beautiful salty water, that […]

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  • Good Golly, GLASTONBURY!

    The Glastonbury Festival is fast approaching us, and although you can’t catch many, if any waves up there (other than those of Sound), we’re still excited for it! Acts we are particularly itching to see are, The Who, Paloma Faith, Motörhead, Hot Chip, Pharrel Williams, Frank Turner and so so soo many more!!  Unfortunately, non […]

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  • Day of the Fathers

    It’s that time again, when us sproglets and gromlets celebrate the great triumph that is the 50% of our existence, our dad’s. Young, middle-aged and old alike, they all helped produce a little bit of awesomeness. But, how an earth can you possibly give them a gift that even covers the gift they gave you, […]

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