Constantine – 9-10′

It’s another damp ‘n breezy one, all dark and atmospheric, a proper Du Maurier morning to end the year!
The wind is gusting in from the south west bringing some stinging squalls our way and tossing the surf around in the bay. There is a little more south to the wind this morning though, making for some tall and hollow righthanders off the Reef. It’s unrideable but exciting to watch with some big sets crashing over the Quies.
It looks as though it’s going to be another Harlyn day for surfing, so let’s have a little gander over there……

As 2013 rapidly draws to a close and we cannot but help look back in wonder and some surprise, tinged with just a little sadness, I’d just like to say thanks for all of your support!
To all of our friends and customers and suppliers and even the groms getting in the way in the shop, yep, to all of you, we wish you every possible happiness for 2014!


And how about Harlyn…


Harlyn – 3-5′

Lines of swell are still getting in here this morning, the wind a little more direct offshore than it has been the last few days.

Right now it’s an hour or two before low tide and so those waves are closing out even more than normal but there are still those few that are reeling across the sand.  The set waves are standing tall as they march in against that wind, so you have to think that the odd little corner might be good in a couple of hours at full low and then the rest of it should improve as the tide rolls in.

Yep, it’s looking promising for another snappy day of surfing fun at Harlyn!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 10.30 (1.3m) High Tide: 16.22 (7.3m)