It’s that time again, when us sproglets and gromlets celebrate the great triumph that is the 50% of our existence, our dad’s. Young, middle-aged and old alike, they all helped produce a little bit of awesomeness. But, how an earth can you possibly give them a gift that even covers the gift they gave you, the gift of life…? Well, no stress groms (of all ages), we’ve got you covered!

**all gifts featured in this post do not guarantee to match the level that is The Gift of Life, but we think they’re pretty good.

Gifts Under £10


                                                           Keyrings -£3.99


                                                        CARVE Mugs -£6.99


                                                      Mr.Zogs Sex Wax – £2.00 

Gifts Under £25.00


                                             Reef Chipper Flip Flops – £14.95


                      Constantine Bay T-Shirt – £16.95 (Various colours available)

                           Nectar Sunglasses – £19.99 (Various colours available) 

                                                     Reef Mission Hat – £19.99

                                                Patagonia Trucker Hat – £21.99 

Blow the Budget Gifts

                                             Constantine Bay Hoody – £44.95 

                                              Reef J-Bay Flip Flops – £54.95 


                                          Patagonia Nano Gillette  – £110.00

Call in store to grab your old man the perfect gift this Father’s Day!