At 6.15 a.m:  

Constantine (2*):  2 to 3 feet



The wind is howling and screeching across the bays this morning, a chill north north easterly whipping the tops off a couple to three feet of weak looking and mixed up little surf.
There looks to be a lot of water moving around for the size of surf but that should sort itself out with the tide.  And there is more than a hint of autumn to this morning’s weather but that should all change again soon enough – we have more than a little summer to enjoy just yet!



Harlyn (2*):  2 to 3 feet



The wind is screaming into Harlyn this morning as well, pushing up thick bundles of choppy and mixed up waves.
There’s very little shape to any of the surf here this morning, not much more than a windblown mess really but the water is super warm, and those choppy little waves do have a some height to them, so it could all be a bit of fun.
At least until the sun comes back out!  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:09  (1.5m)              High Tide:  22:08  (6.7m)




Surf Forecast for Thursday 18th August 2022  

The wind is likely to back to the west and then south west today, allowing for a milder air stream. And that breeze should help the very small and weak one to to two feet of windswell.
So we should manage to get a fun session or two in but it is unlikely to be any more than just about alright.  



Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week


As that high pressure system gradually slips away, a series of little fronts are going to bounce our way through this week.
And of course those more northerly breezes will return, dropping the air temperature by a few degrees too.
But there’s still not much out there to produce any real swell so we are likely to be scratching about trying to find some more rideable surf where we can throughout the week.
With the wind veering between north westerly and north easterly and then settling for a while to bluster in from the west, we really are going to have to hunt around to find the best options.
But, overall we should manage to enjoy some fun little surf for most of the time this week.
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!