Forecast last updated at 16:00 Thursday 12th March 2015

[Don’t forget to look at this forecast the day before you go beach for the latest, as things can often change!]

History of SJ’s Surf Forecast:
SJ’s Surf Forecast for the South-West started in February 1999 and ceased around September 2007. So for the first (and only?) time in seven and a half years the forecast has returned, and is an exclusive special for Des at

The Rest Of The Week:

‘Some big waves about this week, with surf improving into the weekend. Sea is still cold though, will need those winter wetsuits until at least late April.’

Sunrise and sunset for this week are about – 06:40 and 18:20

Twilight starts and ends about – 06:05 and 18:55
Midday is approx. – 12:30
Length of day approx. – 11:45
Offshore Sea Temp approx – 9.5 C / 49.0 F

Friday 13th (Red Nose Day):
‘Slop on the North; however the South coast will work if you know where to look.’

Swell direction approx – (i) Strong W
Wind direction approx – Light-Medium going Medium N-NW
Weather outlook – Mixture of cloud and sunshine, feeling cold in the wind
North Coast approx – Big blownout messy slop
South Coast approx – 3-4ft (Waisthigh to Chesthigh)
Tides – 09:28 High, 15:53 Low

Weekend Summary:
‘High pressure dominates bringing cooler nights and light winds, but with a solid Atlantic swell rolling in this will be an excellent weekend for surf.’

Saturday 14th:
‘Should improve as the day goes on for the North, although with the size it will be too big for some on the North especially as it increases in size late afternoon around the low tide. South coast depends on how well the swell wraps around, but could be a small but ridable waisthigh or so.’

Swell direction approx – (i) Medium going Very Strong W
Wind direction approx – Light-Medium NE
Weather outlook – Mixture of cloud and sunshine
North Coast approx – 6ft (Headhigh) going 8-10ft (1.5 x Overhead)
South Coast approx – 2-3ft (Waisthigh)
Tides – 10:36 High, 17:07 Low

Sunday 15th (Mothers’ Day):
‘Decreasing swell – but still big! Should be small and clean at the main spots on the south (best in the morning there).’
Swell direction approx – (i) Very Strong W
Wind direction approx – Light-Medium NE going Light ENE
Weather outlook – Cloudy with a chance of the odd light shower in the afternoon
North Coast approx – 8-10ft (1.5 x Overhead) going 6-8ft (Overhead)
South Coast approx – 3ft (Waisthigh) going 1-3ft (Knee – Waisthigh)
Tides – 06:06 Low, 12:08 High, 18:54 Low

Early Next Week:
‘Decreasing swell through to midweek, with the winds switching from an Easterly to Southerly direction. Should therefore be good clean waves so make the most of it. Size expected to start around chest-headhigh Monday and decrease to waisthigh by Wednesday. ‘

The scale for measuring conditions:
0-1ft – Unridable/Flat
1-2ft – Kneehigh
3ft – Waisthigh
4-5ft – Chest/Shoulderhigh
6ft – Headhigh
6-8ft = 1-1.5x Overhead
8-10ft = 1.5x Overhead
10-12ft = 2x Overhead

Please Note!
Wave height predictions are based on the larger breaks on both coasts such as Fistral and Croyde for the North, and Praa Sands and Bantham for the South.

Try and use some ‘local’ knowledge about what the wave sizes will be elsewhere. For example the Newquay Bay area is generally 1/3 to 3/4 the size of Fistral, increasing the further up the bay you go from Towan to Lusty Glaze, and that it will be clean on a W wind at ‘harbour left’ at Towan at mid-tide’ for example.

Tide times are based on Newquay.

Stay Stoked!