Constantine (4*):  2 to 4 ft

It is a fabulous morning this morning, the sunrise bursting over the horizon with way more enthusiasm than we’ve seen for a few days.
And so the sky is fairly clear, the air almost still and the surf is a very pleasant looking and glassy couple of feet. But hang around for a moment or two and you will see the occasional set rolling through at twice that size. You do have to wait for them and wait for a good while but they are good when they come through, head high on the take off, peeling for a long way.
We should enjoy a light and bright two to three feet of clean and fun surf pretty much all day long, although the wind is forecast to slip to the south west (onshore here) bringing some duller weather later on this afternoon.
But overall it should be a very pleasant day for most of the time!


May Day is upon us, the boom of the drums, the drone of the accordions, the hypnotic tones of choral chant; ‘Summer is a-coming….’ pic: ‘oss ‘oss.

Harlyn (2*): 1 to 2 ft


It is really small here this morning, a rideable foot or two at high tide, peeling across that high tide bank, teasing and tempting.
The sun is shining down the valley, front lighting those glassy waves, the turquoise sea glinting and glistening its reflections.
If the other side wasn’t so good this morning you would be tempted here but it is likely to drop with the tide and it is pretty small as it is.
No, it’s the other side for today, it’s clean and fun and bright and sunny around there right now.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:18  (0.7m)             High Tide:  19:10  (7.2m)



Surf Forecast for 1st May 2014

The streets of Padstow will be echoing to those booming drums and accordion airs as May Day unfolds for the thousandth time, the weather might just be a little gloomy but the atmosphere is always electric.
The wind is likely to be more westerly today, maybe eventually swinging north westerly later, not that strong but blowing in some moist air, mild enough but at least damp too.
The surf should continue to roll in all along the coast, a solid enough three feet plus groundswell with a wave-period in the teens.
Harlyn could be big enough and that would be fun through the morning, otherwise it’s going to be onshore and mushy stuff over the other side.
Have a great day on this merry morning of May!


Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

Low pressure systems are still in control, threatening to create some damp and breezy weather but so far allowing plenty of bright and cheerful stuff through too as well as keeping at least some surf rolling our way throughout.
It’s going to be midweek before the wind backs to the south west creating a slow and faltering change in the weather, the surf staying pretty much in the three feet and mainly bumpy range, maybe getting big enough to spin a wave or two into Harlyn by Wednesday afternoon.
So, we can expect plenty of surf as we go into midweek but maybe not the cleanest at our main surf breaks. Those southwest facing beaches are the most obvious places to check first with maybe Harlyn showing some flair by Thursday.
The end of the week and weekend are just starting to look interesting with expected offshores to groom the anticipated small but rideable little swells through the weekend.
In fact the weekend is starting to look like a bright and cheerful one with very pleasant little waves!
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!