Constantine (0*):  5-6ft

A bright and breezy morning is upon us, a lively day with a gusting west sou’ westerly wind tugging at the landscape.
There’s a five to six foot, rolling swell marching ashore with purpose.
There’s none of that bouncing indecision of the last few days, these tourquoise waves are peaking and rolling and driving ashore, the whitewater bright in the early morning light.
It’s just a shame that the wind is so strong and so onshore here!
Ah well, Harlyn it is again then!

And with the weekend upon us, we have just a few Winter wetsuits left to clear!
We need that space for all those lovely summer bits that are (already?) on their way to us. So if you want a last minute, winter bargain then you’d better drop in on us this weekend!

We are changing a few things on our website and so we might very well lose it completely for a while on Monday or Tuesday, probably with our emails and everything else. So if you want to communicate then do it soon! Or wait till things have settled.
It should be worth it though!

Rhys (Barfield) is back from an Aus trip and here’s what he got up to over there:
Rhys is off to Ecuador at the end of the month for the ISA World Junior Championships and the groms are desperately trying to raise the funds necessary to get them there without bankrupting their mums and dads. Since the mega surf companies aren’t yet embarrassed enough to provide any support for the U.K. Groms, it’s down to everyone else to do it! So go to and pay a little back to the kids!

We are looking to build our new shop team for 2014!
Over the last 20 something years we have been more than lucky to share our working days surrounded by great people, a great team of keen and knowledgeable crew in the shop, great customers returning time after time, and great suppliers of the very best products available.
It’s a small shop, our happy little store, one full of all those little bits ‘n bobs that help to improve the surfing experience for all us, plus all that other stuff that we sometimes just want!
So it’s a tight and confined space, filled with lots of things that need to sometimes be explained, sized, fitted or advised upon.
And so it is important that when we do recruit, we recruit the right people.
The best, most knowledgeable, most helpful and most enthusiastic that we can find (or that find us!)!
There’s no strict criteria to match, enthusiasm and passion are as important to us as a natural ability to be friendly and polite to customers.
You will need to be a source of advice and information, able to keep the shop tight and organised, the products displayed to their best, a proactive type, unable to walk past a disorganised display without smartening it up, constantly thinking of ways to improve it all, to make it wonderful. An attention to detail and an eye for beauty combined with a natural fondness for people.
Responsibilities will include the handling and processing of payments, opening and closing the shop, reconciliation of tills and all the serious stuff as well as making sure that the groms are behaving and having a good time.
Initiative and self motivation along with a genuine interest are important, as well as a natural sense of inquiry.
So, if you are full of energy, have some experience within retail, have a love for all things surfy, are happy to hug the people you work with and feel that you can bring that special something to our little store then email [email protected] and tell me!

Harlyn (3*):  2-3ft


Yep, it’s nice here this morning, all bright and sparkly, the deep blue sea being torn by those bright white waves of early morning.
There’s a good couple to three feet of surf looping ashore, bigger sets lining up just outside an hour or so ahead of high water.
The swell looks set for the day, the wind looks settled offshore and the sun looks pretty cosy up there, cantilevering that fat and impossibly fine moon.
Yep, it could be a good and surf filled day ahead!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 2.22p.m. (1.2m)     High Tide: 8.17 p.m. (6.8m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 22nd March 2014

Another breezy day lies ahead, mainly bright but with those marauding showers never too far away.

A solid six foot plus swell should continue to roll along our craggy coastline, throwing head high plus waves into the various bays and coves that surround us.
The main breaks are going to be a mixed up mess but the sheltered spots should be good.
Harlyn is going to be the main place for us this weekend again, four feet plus of fairly powerful stuff, changing with the tide.  I can think of one or two other options but Harlyn is likely to be the most popular!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

It’s looking like there’s a bright ‘n breezy weekend lying in wait for us, a thumping swell rolling our way all the way through and the wind veering playfully around the headland.
A solid six foot plus groundswell is expected to be washing into our bays and coves, the wind driving hard onshore, westerly and north westerly for some of the time, south westerly for most of the time.
And so it’s going to be a Harlyn weekend for us with four to six foot surf there, starting off clean through Friday, going a bit sideshorey on Saturday morning before cleaning up again for the afternoon.
Sunday is likely to be a bit mixed up through the morning but the wind is forecast to ease and settle as we go through the day with calm conditions expected by mid afternoon.  But that light wind is likely to be swinging a little side shore at best and onshore for some of the time at least.
But overall it’s looking like an okay Harlyn weekend, Friday and Saturday having the best surf, Sunday being okay, the swell easing off through Monday.
Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!