Constantine (0*):  5 – 6 ft

It’s a bit parky out there this morning!

Hail from that explosive storm earlier is still gathered around the edges, the dips in the dunes still white, while the hedgerows are rustling in that clawing wind.
But it’s bright too, a mainly blue sky ribboned by white and fluffy clouds, as well as those darker ones!
A five to six foot, rolling swell is swooping into the bay, that wind pushing and tugging at it, its strength showing as those waves just plough on in regardless.
No, it’s not a place for a recreational surf, not here, not today.
Let’s have a squint over the headland at Harlyn again…..



Harlyn (3*):  3 -4 ft



What would we do without Harlyn on a windswept early spring weekend?

The wind is a little sideshoreish this morning and so it’s putting a bit of froth and slop into that steady, rolling swell.  There’s one out enjoying an early morning solo session and catching a few bumpy ones.
The set waves are the ones, the first of the set smoothing the way for the following ones.  Head high on most, a bit bigger on others, that should stay the same for most of the day, maybe building a bit later this afternoon on the next tide.  Low tide is at about 3 o’clock this afternoon and so I guess that as the tide turns there might be a bit of a push.
But otherwise, there should be fun waves all the way through today, a bit testing and unpredictable here and there but mainly fun and rewarding.

Good to see a bunch of the junior GB squad out here yesterday, throwing some moves around the place.  If you want to show your support in getting them to the ISA World Championships in Ecuador then go to and donate some dosh!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 15:00 (1.6m) High Tide: 08:36 (6.6m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 23rd March 2014

It’s down to the wind (again!) today!  That will dictate how good (or bad!) the surf might be and where it might be breaking best.

The forecasts are showing a north westerly blowing fresh throughout the day and that is onshore everywhere along this stretch of coastline!
More than likely the wind will ease off through the afternoon but it will likely stay onshore.

No, for clean conditions we are going to have to head south and hope that there is enough swell to get around the tip of Cornwall and into all those southern facing surf breaks.


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

It’s looking like there’s a bright ‘n breezy weekend lying in wait for us, a thumping swell rolling our way all the way through and the wind veering playfully around the headland.
A solid six foot plus groundswell is expected to be washing into our bays and coves, the wind driving hard onshore, westerly and north westerly for some of the time, south westerly for most of the time.
And so it’s going to be a Harlyn weekend for us with four to six foot surf there, starting off clean through Friday, going a bit sideshorey on Saturday morning before cleaning up again for the afternoon.
Sunday is likely to be a bit mixed up through the morning but the wind is forecast to ease and settle as we go through the day with calm conditions expected by mid afternoon.  But that light wind is likely to be swinging a little side shore at best and onshore for some of the time at least.
But overall it’s looking like an okay Harlyn weekend, Friday and Saturday having the best surf, Sunday being okay, the swell easing off through Monday.

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!