Constantine – 5-6′

It’s a brightening and cheery dawn this morning, a pale blue sky with dappled pink clouds gently drifting by.

Yep, that wind has calmed!  It is still fresh and from the west sou’ west, but not the gale and storm force blows of the holiday.

And the swell is still rolling and punching its way to the beach as well, a solid five foot plus rolling onto the headlands and battering the bays.

Unfortunately that wind is still strong enough and onshore enough to make it all a bit too bumpy and bouncy to be of any interest to surf on.

What would we do without Harlyn?

Let’s go and have a look around there……

What would we do without Harlyn?

Lets go take a look around there……


Harlyn – 3′

It’s smaller around here this morning but there are still some okay waves washing in.  

The wind is so much lighter than it has been, still south westerly, forecast to slip just a wee bit further to south yet.  So it’s almost offshore, becoming more offshore through the morning.

As the tide drops out, there’s still a half decent three feet of swell getting into the bay.  That is likely to weaken off with the tide and then strengthen again with this afternoon’s tide.

So you can safely expect a decent three foot day at Harlyn if you have the time! 

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 12.13 (0.7m) High Tide: 18.06 (7.7m)