Constantine (1*):  6″ to 1 ft

It’s yet another very pleasant morning this Easter Sunday, the sky is bright, the breeze is light but unfortunately there’s barely a wave to ride!
There are a few little snappy waves hitting the shore a couple of hours ahead of high tide but they’re a foot high if that, only very occasionally any bigger. And that breeze, as light as it is, is bitingly chilly this early morning, blowing gently down from the north north east, promising to gust harder later.
But I’m guessing that it might all be a little more fun in half an hour or so. Right now at this state of the tide there’s nothing for those little waves to break on.
And that is probably going to be the story of today again; as the tide hits a shallow spot, a sandbar or rock outcrop, then there will be a little wave tripping over it but as soon as the tide slides into deeper water with nothing to trip those waves up then it will flatten out.
So it looks like another day of fine gliding, longboard sliding and fat fish riding in what might just be the last bits of this stretch of sunny and warm holiday weather.
It could just be ‘all change‘ for this evening!


Harlyn (0*):  Flat


No, it’s not worth the trek over here in search of a surf, not today!
It’s flat and the north north easterly breeze is doing nothing to help, blowing pretty much straight onshore and ruffling those ripples. But as always it is a beautiful place to paddle or just be for a wee while!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:50  (1.4m)         High Tide:  20:51  (6.6m)


Surf Forecast for Easter Monday 21st April 2014

Those tiny, tiny waves are still trying to entice us in, the south easterly wind gusting offshore, grooming those pretty little peelers into snappy little fin breakers. We’re going to be lucky to find a rideable wave but if we do, it should be as pretty as can be!
Shame about the weather though.

Surf Conditions for Easter Weekend

High pressure has been in control for most of last Week providing dry and settled and bright weather with calm winds and blue skies. And we should be able to enjoy a few days more of this early taste of summer yet. 
The swell has eased off, that half decent three foot swell that started the week dropping to a shin to knee-high but solid little fun swell, just powerful enough to get a longboard gliding, maybe even a fish at those certain stages of the tide. 
The wind is forecast to slip offshore staying light, not much more than a breeze, easterly going south easterly as we go into the weekend, gently blowing direct offshore, grooming those tiny, just about rideable waves to perfectly shaped little things.
It should stay bright and cheerful and pleasant enough throughout the weekend to tempt you into scurrying after a longboard to surf those little waves in the sun.
But it is likely to cloud over lightly on Easter Sunday, not too badly but making a difference after all that sunshine. The surf is likely to stay pretty much the same though, tiny but just big enough and smart enough to get you wanting to go in! 
Have a great Easter, whatever you’re doing!