Constantine (1*) – 3-4′

That’s a bit of a chillier one than expected, I guess that the wind has a little bit of north in it this morning.
The clouds are gradually separating out, leaving some star spangled ribbons of early morning sky to enjoy, which is good because the surf isn’t all that to look at!
The forecasts are all showing light offshore (south easterly) winds and a solid little swell but right now there’s just that chilly onshore west nor’ westerly wind, strong enough to chop and slop the three to maybe four feet of surf, a bit of a grey and mixed up scene which is hardly inviting!
Give it a couple of hours and we should see something a bit better, or a whole heap better!
It’s just about low tide right now so let’s hope that the incoming tide gives it a bit of a push while the wind eases and switches. Oh and that sun should finally take control too!

Harlyn (1*) – 2′


A couple of feet of mixed up and junky surf is being pushed and pulled along the shoreline at low tide this morning. It’s not that windy but it is blowing straight in, onshore and making a mess.
The forecasts are all still showing that wind-switch for mid to late morning though, so we should see a change in conditions as the tide rolls in. But with not much surf getting into the bay today, it is probably going to be better over the headland at the more exposed main breaks.
A bit of patience is going to be needed though, it’s going to be a few hours before we see it good!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 07:57 (2.5m) High Tide: 13.51 (6m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 12th January 2014

It looks like a reverse of Saturday, with good and clean conditions through the morning, going onshore and mushier through the afternoon.

A couple of feet of proper little swell, hollowed out by a fresh and gusting offshore wind should provide some fun waves to ride all morning.

The dropping tide in the afternoon is going to see conditions deteriorate quite quickly.

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

By the weekend we should be seeing some pleasant and smooth three foot surf rolling in against south easterly, offshore, wind.

Yep the weekend is starting to look really good!

Not the gnarly stuff of the last few weeks, more that precision shaped surf, much smaller but much cleaner and breaking at our main surf breaks.

It is going to be interesting to see how our surf breaks shape up following that series of storms that have devastated so much of the foreshore.  Usually after a big blow through the surf is better, at least for a while!

So, it’s looking like it could be three feet, offshore and very pleasant with small moving midday tides.

The weather isn’t looking all that though!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!