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Surf Report for Friday 12th August 2016 | Constantine Bay Surf Store

At 6.15 a.m:

Constantine (1*):  2 to 3 feet


It’s another overcast and breezy one, the skies mainly blocked by lots of grey, the temperatures lower than we would choose and the threat off some wet stuff not too far away.
But there are a few slivers of bright sunshine piercing through those thick cloud banks and it is just about staying dry so far, while that wind has shifted to a milder westerly direction. This could all adad up to a possibility of better things to come, maybe.
In the meantime the surf is pretty small and pretty choppy. A couple of feet of windslopped windswell is lazily rolling shoreward, the odd bumble of a bigger one pushing onto an odd sandbar here and there but there’s nothing organised about any of it.
At least the water is warm though and it’s not absolutely flat, so it should be worth getting in there at some stage, probably later on this morning.


Harlyn (1*):  0 to 1 foot


There are some tiny little waves washing onto the sand an hour or so off low tide, still a little choppy and sloppy, that westerly wind being too westerly for Harlyn just yet but better than it has been with those north westerlies!
So we might just see some small, longboardable ones as the tide slides slowly in to a very low 5.5meter high at lunch time.
It’s not great but we might enjoy a little one later!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  19:14  (2.8m)              High Tide:  12:43  (5.5m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 13th August 2016

Light, light winds and a drawing out swell are being predicted for today!
Two to three feet of double digit wave-period swell should be pushing our way today, our first proper little swell for some time! Conditions are likely to remain a little sloppy as the breeze persists onshore, lighter than it has been but still there.
It could just end up being okay though!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

A pleasant weekend lies ahead with light onshores set for Saturday, gently blowing along a couple of feet of sloppy but fun surf. By Sunday the breeze should have settled more to the east, offshore at all of our main surf breaks, while a little pulse of swell should be finding its way to those same breaks as that breeze becomes kinder.
The skies should brighten a lot as we go through the weekend too, promising bright and beautiful conditions all along the coast by Sunday morning and hopefully lasting for at least a few days!
So, at last we might just be enjoying a very pleasant and fine weekend with at least some fine weather and some clean surf too!
Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!