Constantine (1*) – 6-8′

It’s a damp start today but it’s brightening up quite nicely. ┬áThe wind is steady, blowing just a little more westerly than expected but still mainly south westerly, onshore whichever way you look at it.

And so the surf is a bit sloppy and choppy, still quite sizeable, not huge or anywhere near it but big enough to make the paddle a chore and give you a drubbing when you get it wrong.

Yep, let’s make that trek over the headland to see how Harlyn is looking…….

Harlyn (2*) – 3-4′


It’s not quite as good as I’d hoped this morning.

The wind is just a little more westerly than hoped for right now and combined with the dropping tide, there’s a bit of a kind of rippy chop drifting around the break.

That should sort itself out with the tide and all the forecasts are showing the wind to settle down a little more southerly than it is right now (and it might just get around to the south east by late afternoon, although it could be too dark to enjoy it by then!).

After saying all that, it is okay right now with some decent three to four foot plus peaks grinding in.
I guess that we have been a little spoiled this last few weeks (months?), with all those grinding barrels hitting the beach (check the images above and below!) and so maybe we’re starting to get a little picky!?

The forecast is also showing a gradual reduction in swell size through today. I’m hoping that that will be compensated for by that fairly big incoming tide this afternoon, balancing things out.

So, overall, it’s looking good and should get cleaner, if just a little smaller as the day goes on!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 12:31 (1.4m) High Tide: 18.21 (7m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 18th January 2014

A four to maybe five foot swell with very light winds and spring tides.

Early morning on the dropping tide could be very good at all of the main surf breaks along the coast. It might be just a bit ruffled, that breeze could still be onshore but the swell is well travelled and strong and so those waves should be lined up and keeping their shape, wherever they break.

It’s a shame but the forecasts are showing a windshift to north westerly through the afternoon, onshore pretty much everywhere. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen till much later!

Surf Forecast for the weekend

A solid swell is going to be rhythmically beating our shoreline for the next few days at least, slowly dropping in size but hopefully staying big enough to be fun all the way through.

A steady six to eight foot swell is expected to end the week, all the stronger for its mid-teens wave period count. You’re going to feel the strength and speed of those waves.

The only frustration (as always) is likely to be the wind.

We can expect mainly south westerlies narrowing those surf break opportunities, with just a little window of opportunity for the main beaks to shine, early on Saturday morning. Otherwise, it’s looking like another Harlyn weekend, a little smaller than it has been but big enough with mainly offshore boomers and snappy beach-wide close-outs to keep you on your toes!

But then, those few that peel, the ones that reel off the rock, they make it worthwhile! Sometimes.

It’s looking really mild too, well, for mid January anyway! And although we are going to see plenty more of that wet stuff, there should be some bright bits in amongst it all as well!

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Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!