Constantine (1*):  2 feet

at 7.10 a.m.


A damp and drizzly one is starting us out this morning, the Quies barely visible in the murk and dampness of an early Autumn morning.  It has been a while since seeing any wetness out there!
The surf is a little dire, a couple of feet of sloppy and onshore junk surf to be terrorised by the groms today, if any of them are pre-schooling it or post.
In the meantime, the sun is already fighting its corner, the wind seems to be lazy, relaxing into a breeze and the surf should slowly, slowly build.  Gradually turning into something much better, maybe not until this afternoon’s tide though.
It could easily end up being a day of two halves today!

We had a great evening in the city for Ballet Rambert ( last night. Just a tiny bit frustrating listening to the Stones rocking out while having to sit still – got those feet a tapping though! They are performing at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth ( until Friday.
While watching the Quik Pro, France this morning ( you cannot help but think that any aspiring top level surfer could really learn a whole heap from watching the dance guys and how they train for their stuff and develop it.
Perhaps there is room for a more aesthetic variation on Surfing’s soon to be launched ‘World Surfing Series’? A more dance orientated presentation of surfing maybe? Or more probably it just does have to be the fastest and biggest and spinniest?
What do you think (mail [email protected])?

So with Autumn knocking gently on our door, we are re-filling our rails with a selection of winter wetsuit goodness along with some styling’ winter-warmer clothing.
And to do that we have to clear a big gap or two! We have a good few unsold summer suits left on our rails following on to what has been a wonderfully mild and enjoyable summer season and they have got to go! We will be banging out lots of top quality summer weight wetsuits from HALF PRICE and even less on one or two. We have full size ranges on some models too!
So keep your eyes open for some BIG BARGAINS to be had. We will flag them up here of course and on social media over the next week or two, so keep checking back!


Harlyn (1*):  Flat to 1 foot


It’s clean again around here this morning, really small but way cleaner than the other side.
The tide is fully high right now and so I guess that it will show a foot or so as the tide drops back but, once again, it’s the other side really for something more rideable. And that wind, even as it weakens to a breeze, is still onshore here as well.
No, it’s the other side again today.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:39  (1.1m)            High Tide:  19:31  (7.3m)



Surf Forecast for Saturday 27th September 2014

It could be good today, smallish but really good.
A half decent two to three feet of swell with a decent, mid-teens wave period to it should produce some real good two to three foot surf at most of our favourite surf breaks!
And that late summer sunshine hasn’t completely given up on us yet either!
Yep, it could be a great day for some fun and relaxing surf in the sun!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

Low pressure seems to be concentrating up to the north of us, trying to squeeze out the high pressure system that has provided all that pleasantness of late.
So it has been just a little windier with mainly sloppy and choppy waves but okay really.
As the week winds down we should see the swell gaining some strength and momentum, a thicker and more solid swell rolling our way by week’s end.
And just when you start thinking that summer might finally be over, the weekend is likely to warm us all up again with what maybe a last blast of sunshine, light offshore winds and a solid wavelength groundswell!
Saturday is looking good with a decent couple to three feet of clean and organised swell with bright and cheery weather with Sunday continuing the action with that same clean, rolling swell spilling into those light offshore breezes.
It could just be very good again!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!