Constantine (1*):  4 to 5 feet

at 7 .15 a.m.


A lighter, brighter and all round calmer day is cheering us up this morning, the wind much lighter but still stubbornly onshore.
The surf has dropped with the wind, as you might expect with onshore surf but there is still four to probably five feet of lumpy, sloppy stuff rolling in. It only looks three feet but you know that it is bigger than that.
In amongst the bumpy and lumpy, thick and jittery waves there are a few breaking with some direction, just one or two but they are doing that thing where they turn themselves inside out. Whether it’s worth the chilly paddle and all that waiting around, well, it’s not for me but if you’re keen then you will probably find choppy screamer or two.

If you are around this way on the weekend, it might be worth dropping in on us at the shop (if you can get to it!  The road from St.Merryn down to the shop is closed for a few days while they do a bit of re-plumbing.  So you have to take the Harlyn Road), we are having a bit of a clearance sale of those winter wetsuits that we didn’t manage to sell this winter! They include Xcel and O’Neill winter and summer suits at up to £50 or more OFF and we have loads of sizes at the moment!  Be quick though, word seems to be out already!
Plus we are having another clean-out, getting ready for the fast approaching warmers seasons and so there are going to be all sorts of stuff on sale! Everything from Ts to leashes and boardshorts to jackets, we need to clear some space again!

Harlyn (3*):  2 to 3 feet


It is nice and bright and peaceful around here this morning, three feet or so fun looking, if still a little onshore surf rolling in. One guy is out having some fun while the bright dawn settles.
The wind is lighter than it has been but is still fairly fresh and still onshore (north westerly) and so the surf is a little unpredictable. But the forecasts are showing the wind to stay mainly light and back to the south west. And then it could be an entirely different set-up!
There’s a ‘low’ high tide at midday, so hopefully we could be enjoying some small but much cleaner little surf on the dropping tide this afternoon.
It could just be pleasant and fun!


Here’s a magical little pic of the lighthouse taken by Adam Sprague. It kind of captures the whole familiarity of it all doesn’t it.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  18:41  (2.6m)           High Tide: 12:06  (5.6m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 28th February 2015

A typical Harlyn day awaits with a rolling four to five foot swell generating hopefully about three feet of surf to swing into the bay. The wind is forecast to be mainly south westerly in the light to medium range and there should be plenty of bright, late winter sunshine reflecting off those long travelled swells.
So we should be enjoying some more pleasantly fun surf around there today!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

Big swells have been rolling our way since the start of this week, the wind powering through from the west and north west, blowing harder and harder, driving those big, big waves into our craggy little bays and coves. The surf has been big enough and strong enough and it is likely to stay that way well into next week but those never ending winds are going to continue to make it difficult to predict when there might be anything like clean surf around the west facing beaches anytime soon.
Our best chance of some more fun surf is that the wind twitches to the south west through Friday and into Saturday allowing Harlyn to clean itself up and start folding those rights off the Rock. That is likely to happen but we might have to wait for it and then it might shift back to the north west just as quickly. But while those south westerlies blow, Harlyn should be looking good. Offshore and three to maybe four feet for most of Friday and pretty much all day Saturday.
That might just make up for the murky weather that is expected later on Saturday following a brighter and cheerier Friday and Saturday morning.
And so these weather patterns are set to continue with relatively mild temperatures belying those brisk and chilly winds that continue to blow. The bright spells are going to rush by in these winds but so too are those downpours!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!