Constantine (4*):  2 – 4 ft

It’s a pleasant day in amongst the rain and chill air. There’s that overcast brightness that reminds you of super early summer mornings, a feeling that it will brighten, eventually.
And the surf is clean with sparkling peaks unfurling across the bay, those taller ones leaping up over the Reef while more occasional bigger sets swoop onto the Point.
It’s a proper swell, a couple of feet of steady, lined up and uniform waves with four foot sets swinging in many minutes apart.
It’s okay here this morning as the tide aims for that high low-water mark in a good couple of hours but you have to think that there will be some breaks that will be majestically unfolding bliss not that far away!
Yep, it looks like another great day of surf lying ahead of us, the swell steady and really spaced out (in a metaphysical kind of way), the wind light and offshore and set that way while a bit of brightness should eventually burn its way through.
Which is good news for the wanderers returning. It’s that time of year when those travel weary surf nomads scurry home, all parched and burned from their tropical migrations, ready to recharge souls and bank accounts, to reacquaint the pleasure of full and thick wetsuits. The lineups are slowly starting to swell, tales of afar filling the air, tales of home competing. Especially this winter! The surf here has been extraordinary, probably better and more consistent than most other places this last six months or so. Yep, the UK has held its own this winter with those series of storms rattling through week after week after week.
You can’t help be a bit envious of the suntans though!

It’s Earth Hour tomorrow at half eight. Find out more at
And don’t forget that the clocks spring forward tomorrow night (well, Sunday morning technically!) too!

Rhys Barfield is off to Ecuador at the end of next week for the ISA World Junior Championships and the groms are desperately trying to raise the funds necessary to get them there without bankrupting their mums and dads.
Since the mega surf companies aren’t yet embarrassed enough to provide any support for the U.K. Groms, it’s down to everyone else to do it! So go to and pay a little back to the kids!
Here’s a clip of Rhys while in Australia a week or two ago…

Reflections from Rhys Barfield on Vimeo.


Harlyn (1*):  2-3 ft


Ah, that breeze, super light as it is and offshore as it is on the other side of the headland, is onshore around here this morning.

And so a lazy and crumbly, frothy little foot or two of surf is sloshing in with no real drive to it. It’s not that enticing, especially when the other side is looking so good!
The tide is a good couple of hours off low though, so if Harlyn is your ‘go to’ surf spot, your fave wave, then it could be worth a little look back on the incoming tide this afternoon.
But it’s the other side that’s cooking today!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 09:43 (1.1m) High Tide: 15:39 (6.8m)



Surf Forecast for Saturday 29th March 2014

Well, after all those weekends of storm driven and reeling waves, this weekend couldn’t be more different.

We can expect some very pleasant, peeling and graceful waves in the two to maybe three foot range, the wind steady and offshore, blowing into those wave faces, keeping them all pretty and photogenic.
Yep, it’s looking like a day of gliding across clean wave faces, those evenly spaced waves unthreatening, just fun.
Don’t bother with the sunblock though, well, maybe until Sunday anyway!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

A weekend full of smooth and steady surf along with fresh offshore winds should put a bit of a spring into your life!

The surf is likely to be smaller than it has been for an age but it should be cleaner than we’ve enjoyed for quite a while too!
Saturday should be showing a rhythmic two to three feet swell pushing decent three feet plus waves onto our favourite breaks, that south easterly wind helping to sculpt those waves into hollower things. The mid teens wave-period should keep the surf flowing in even if the wind does pick up a little too strongly through late morning and into the afternoon. But the evening should glass off again.
And Sunday is full of promise as well. The swell might be smaller but it should still have that relatively huge wave-period to it.
Long, gliding, hollow and spilling waves should just provide that little shot of a summery feel, especially if the sun does manage to break through as it will try to do.
Yep, it’s all looking good for a great weekend of fun, fun surf!
Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!