At 7.15 a.m:

Constantine (0*):  Flat


And yet another fabulous dawn is spreading its warmth and golden brightness along the coast, the air still this morning, the sea smooth.
And that is the only flaw in an otherwise perfect morning; the surf is all but flat!
An occasional set ripple is washing onto the shallows in an attempt to form a rideable wave but it is pretty much flat really. A wonderful place to paddle off from if you have access to a SUP or a Kayak and the water is still (relatively) warm if you fancy a swim but you are going to be lucky to catch a wave to surf on!
Otherwise though, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky!




Harlyn (0*):  Flat


It is truly magical around here this morning with a light marine layer of mist lying above the water, the sun shadowing down the valley behind, the sky cloudless and the sea a smooth shimmer of turquoise silver.
There are no waves to ride here today but everything else is just magnificent!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  15:24  (1.0m)              High Tide:  08:56  (7.4m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 3rd October 2015

And another fabulous day awaits!
Unfortunately the surf is unlikely to be all that, it is likely to be all but flat. But the weather is likely to remain settled and gorgeous with loads of sunshine and barely a cloud to be seen!
Shame about the surf though!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

It has been a beautiful week this last week of September, the sun shining, the breeze comfortably offshore along with some small but steady swell activity out in the atlantic.
Those waves are going to continue to be really small at best but gorgeously shaped as we go into the weekend, the size varying with the tide and those hopeful little pulses of swell.
So timing is going to make the difference between the possibility of getting a fun session or paddling frustratingly in search of those mini ghost waves.
Late afternoon or evening will probably continue to see the best conditions, just ahead of high tide. But even then it is likely to be still only tiny but with the breeze staying offshore and the sun continuing to shine, it should be worth dragging a longboard down for a mini-glide!
Saturday will see light and variable breezes while those tiny swell lines seek the shallows, the tide playing a big part in helping those tiny little waves to find somewhere to break. By Sunday the offshores should have returned, helping to groom those still small waves.
Saying that, it might be worth keeping your eyes on it through Sunday afternoon, that little low that is down to the south west of us might just start to send some little waves our way sooner than the computer models are predicting.
Otherwise it continues to be that frustration of just picking the optimum times of least wind, shallowest tide and biggest swell pulse. If you get it right it could be fun!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!