Constantine (3*) – 3-5′

So, are you ready to rock?

At the moment we are enjoying that ‘calm before the storm’, a grey day but so far quite peaceful, the wind light and still from the south south east. Just.

The surf right now is a decent three to four feet with some bigger set waves marching through and peeling across the Reef. It’s just a little bumpy and a tiny bit crumbly, the greyness not helping to lure you in, some of those waves screeching through, others a bit fat and lazy looking.

Really, you want to be on it now, before the wind changes direction, before the windspeed increases, before the arrival of that storm!

And all the forecasts are showing a gradual increase in wind strength with a switch to the south west, blowing a bit by mid morning, strengthening this afternoon and blowing up a bit more again this evening.
But before that we should be able to enjoy some peeling, fun waves, if you’re quick enough!

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Now that is keen:

Harlyn (3*) – 2-3′


The surf is pretty around here this morning too!

It’s a decent couple of feet with three foot sets rearing up regularly, an offshore wind tickling those waves into something more attractive on an otherwise grey and uninspiring morning.

There’s just a little drizzle in the air with a light chill to the wind but those waves are cruising through, tempting one or two in already.

Keep your eye on it here today, it’s probably going to increase in size through this afternoon’s incoming tide, probably doubling in size by darkness.

Yep, it’s okay now and it could be really good on this afternoon’s tide!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 12:01 (0.4m) High Tide: 17:53 (7.7m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 1st February 2014

Stormy days with stormy, stormy weather!

Blustery, hard blowing winds are going to be driving a grinding swell onto our already battered and bruised, craggy little coastline. Six to eight to ten feet of stormy surf in the morning is going to be fifteen feet plus by the evening, pushed along by 50 mph plus winds gusting out of the west south west.

The search is going to be on for those super sheltered spots again, those usually lonely, rare breaking places that have become so popular this winter.

Another great day awaits those storm watchers but as always, take it easy if you’re out there, that is one very low tide that is going to turn into one very big tide quite quickly!

That water has to cover almost 8 metres in height in only six hours, with gale to storm force winds behind it and a roaring swell. Great to watch but you might not choose to get too involved in it all!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

Up comes the swell and hard blows the wind again, the weekend looming with more stormy conditions on the horizon!

The wind is likely to have swung to the south sou’ west by Friday, steadily strengthening through the day and starting to gust a bit overnight.

But it is going to be Saturday morning when it blows itself into a bit of a hooley again, perhaps not as strong as we have recently seen but gusting through with some feeling!

Strong west sou’ westerly winds are going to be driving some nasty squalls our way, the wind gusting up to 50 mph here and there, strong enough to rattle your windows and shake your gates, while pushing up another mountainous swell!

Yep, our already battered little coastline is going to take another slapping, those big (almost 8 metre!) spring tides causing their own surge too!

So, our eyes will be back on those spots that normally only break every now and again, once or twice a year usually!

The surf at those sheltered breaks that we have come to know quite intimately this Winter, should be good again! Yep, we can expect that big lefthander to roll along, while the thrashing peak around that corner will be heavy, heavy, heavy!

And then there are those breaks that are tucked away, a drive, a walk, a scramble and a climb away! Could just be worth it though, especially if a longer board is your weapon of choice!

But take it easy out there again! Boards can be replaced, people can be more difficult to!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!