Constantine (2*):  2 ft

Another canopy of silver blue cloud cover is snuggled above us this calm and still morning, the air filled with a thin mizzle, the breeze light and from the south west. 

There’s a couple of feet of surf peaking and peeling ashore, that sandbank in the middle looking more promising than I’ve seen it for ages.

In fact, the whole beach is starting to take on a shape that probably only a few of us can remember from decades ago. The inside shorebreak area pebble filled and deep, a distinct sandbar dipping deeper further out. The beach seems to be shaping up for great things later on this season and the stream is still flowing so far too!
It’ll be worth keeping an eye on anyway!
Anyway, right now there’s a clean and fun looking couple of feet of surf to tempt you, maybe building later on this afternoon, if only a bit.

The water temperature is so mild too(for this time of year!), nudging double digits on the Celsius scale.
Which is why we still have some big reductions on those wonderfully warm winter wetsuits!
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Rhys Barfield and Team GB Junior Squad have arrived safely in Ecuador for the ISA World Junior Championships and are getting into some serious training while acclimatising before the start of the contest.
And congratulations to all the guys who worked so hard to raise the money on crowdfunder to get them there!
Those massive surf conglomerates could not see their way to support the future of surfing in Britain and so the kids and parents and friends and supporters have done it themselves. 
 You can still go to and show your support by contributing, I’m sure that they could do with any extra donations! 
Here’s a clip of Rhys while in Australia a week or two ago…

Reflections from Rhys Barfield on Vimeo.


Harlyn (1*):  1 ft



Considering that it’s not that big over the other side, it is surprisingly fun looking here this morning!
Only a foot of surf is cresting through here but it is peaking and peeling, all glassy and inviting.  It’s one of those that if you had a longboard strapped to the roof you would be very tempted to dive straight in!
But that is just a couple of hours before high tide and so it’s probably at its best right now. The other side is really the place to head for even with the south westerly breeze, it is clean enough over there and still peeling along nicely.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  15:27  (1.3m)         High Tide:  09:07  (6.8m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 5th April  2014

As the kids break up for the Easter holidays, the surf is starting to build, just a little.
A couple of feet of clean enough surf will soon become three and then hopefully four feet, probably as the tide slides in during early morning and again in the evening. The wind is set to be steady and from the south west throughout the day, strong enough to put a bump on it on this side of the headland, smoothing those waves into something prettier over at Harlyn. And you can expect it to get to maybe couple of feet over there.
But overall you should manage to find some fun surf somewhere!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

These gorgeous offshore surf conditions are soon giving way to the more regular onshore, south westerly winds that normally sweep our coast.
And those south westerly winds will push up the swell as the week winds down, the small and clean conditions of midweek being gradually replaced by building swells and steady winds as we go into the weekend.
Friday shows a building swell being buffeted gently by that strengthening sou’ westerly, a couple of feet of fairly clean stuff in the morning getting to three or hopefully four feet by the afternoon.  The wind should be no more than a breeze all day, maybe putting a ruffle and bump onto those wave face but not much more than that.
By the weekend south westerly winds will have taken charge, blowing steadily and building that swell, while depositing the odd fairly heavy shower here and there too.
So Harlyn is going to come into its own for this weekend, probably by Saturday morning, maybe showing just a bit on Friday evening.  Over there it should be three feet and offshore for most of the time, a little smaller on the dropping tides, building again on the incoming. It could be quite good if you time it right!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!