At 8.10 a.m:  

Constantine (0*):  6 to 8 feet  

The wind is blowing this morning, an angry westerly, whipping across the beach and whipping across the surf too. And although the surf isn’t as big as we expected, it is still big enough to be troublesome and is probably bigger than it looks anyway.
With this wind screeching angrily behind it there’s nothing surfable, not on this side of the headland or along the coast.
We are going to have to find some super sheltered spots today, although the wind should back slightly more to the south west which at least will let Harlyn find some shape.
In the meantime the rain has stopped, the sun is putting in brief appearances and the wind is blowing mightily.
I trust that the marquees in Padstow are tied down for the Padstow Christmas Festival!  


Harlyn (2*):  3 to 4 feet  

Ah, that screeching wind is too westerly to allow Harlyn to throw some shape this morning but give it time and it should all improve.
And increase in size too.
Maybe a lot!
In the meantime the wind is howling across the bay as three feet of thick and lumpy, grey waves are folding themselves onto the sand, occasional squalls of stinging rain hurling themselves along the coast.
This afternoon’s tide is going to show a different face to Harlyn I’m guessing! It’s likely to get big and hollow by tea time!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  11:33  (1.3m)              High Tide:  17:27  (7.2m)



Surf Forecast for Saturday 8th December 2018  

Big and wild surf is going to be battered by more violent and storm crazy winds driving in from the west south west.
Harlyn is our only chance for some survivable surf on this coast today and the should be big and hollow too!  

Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

The streets and lanes of Padstow will be overflowing with celebrity chefs this weekend, all looking for their own individual wok to stir as Padstow Christmas Festival sashays into town. With a little jou here and the odd flambe there we will all be in food and foody heaven for the next few days!
Which is just as well because the surf is likely to be big, bad and blown to pieces all weekend long.
Eight to ten to twelve feet of wild and wind-wrecked surf will be roaring along the coast, driven onto the rocks and reefs by howling and growling westerly going north westerly winds.
The south coast should be enjoying epicness throughout the weekend but this coast is going to be blown out for most of the time, our only slight chance of something rideable being at Harlyn through Saturday lunchtime.
But that is still going to be a wild affair too. Maybe worth it for a few close-out drop-ins but maybe also rewarding us with the odd cavernous barrel or two?
Or enjoy some fabulous food?
I think that we might just manage a little of both!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!