At 7.15 a.m:  

Constantine (4*):  6 to 8 feet  


The Seaspray soaked air is booming with the sound of thick and heavy swells exploding into the bay this morning with six to eight feet of curling groundswells marching straight in on the high tide.
The high tide is wreaking its havoc with the swell right now but the raw ingredients are there for some epic surf all along the coast today.
The swell is still building, the breeze is light and offshore, the weather could yet brighten and, well, it is looking as promising as can be!


Harlyn (4*):  4 to 5 feet  


The car park is strangely quiet at Harlyn this morning – given the eager online anticipation of this weekend’s surf conditions!
With only two out so far and no-one else hovering just yet, I’m guessing that other places might just be offering something better?
But right here and right now there’s three to four feet of chunky, rolling waves punching into the bay but with the imminent high tide absorbing a lot of that unleashed energy.
There’s a bit of a wait between sets, so I guess that we’ll be having some whingeing in the shop from those who surf-checked from the road between sets. You have to give it a little time when conditions are like this, which is quite handy for paddle-out recovery if your fitness levels aren’t what they might be!
Anyway, the surf is pumping, the breeze is offshore, that swell is thick and juicy and heavy, so just pick your favourite break and enjoy!  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:43  (0.6m)              High Tide:  19:36  (7.8m)



Surf Forecast for Saturday 9th October 2021  

Light offshore breezes are expected to drift up from the South East to meet a pleasantly solid three foot swell all day long today.
With mild air temperatures, warm enough sea temperatures and all those curling waves to ride, we should be in for a day of pure fun!  

Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

Light breezes, a rolling groundswell and reasonable enough weather should provide plenty to occupy all of us for this weekend.
The swell is likely to settle down to a smooth and evenly spaced three footish after Friday’s booming surf, the breeze drifting offshore from the south east through Saturday going more north to north easterly through Sunday morning. That north easterly breeze will be a little cooler than it has been too but should still help to manicure and smooth the rolling swell.
So, all in all a fabulous weekend of epic surf conditions beckons.
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have the best weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!