At 6.45 a.m:  

Constantine (3*):  2 to 3 feet

A hazy, grey, overcast kind of morning is making for a more relaxed and lazy kind of start to this May Day morning.
A light breeze is drifting in from the west, forecast to go north westerly but barely strong enough to ruffle the two to three feet of otherwise glassy surf.
Give it a few hours and the sun should be out but the surf is likely to crumble and slop at least a little as onshore take over.
All the more reason to join the May Day revellers in Padstow for what promises to be a very pleasant day eventually!  



Harlyn (0*):  0 to 1 foot

The air is still and hazy at Harlyn this morning, all quiet and reflective, the silence only being disturbed by the cracking of tiny little waves of glass shattering onto the hardened sand.
As always it is a beautiful place to be on a hazy but pleasant May Day morning but there’s not much happening in the way of surf!  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  10:32  (1.7m)              High Tide:  16:28  (6.1m)



Surf Forecast for Thursday 2nd May 2019  

North westerly winds are set for the day today, bring chillier temperatures our way as they slop and chop the three feet or so of localised windswell.
It could be a day for grabbing a foam ‘beater’ or something similar and going for a bouncy one!   

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

A week of light breezes lies ahead, offshore for most of the time with maybe some dreary weather to start but brightening up by midweek.
With a steady three to four feet of evenly spaced and mostly smooth swell to start the week, we will be looking for longboards by the back half of the week to glide across the faces of those little peelers that should entertain us through to the weekend.
The weather is looking good for the May Day festivities on Wednesday, a light north westerly breeze making for probably the weakest day of surf but with some very pleasant sunshine to entice you to enjoy the celebrations!
So, we can expect plenty of pleasant surf, better weather to come and a day off to celebrate that ‘Summer is acome!’
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!