Constantine (2*) – 3-4′

It’s one of those anonymous days today with not much of anything happening out there but with just a little bit of everything too.

The wind is steady and from the north west, lightly blowing that scattered cloud about, occasionally allowing the odd downpour through here and there but also letting some brightness shine as well.

There’s three, maybe four feet of rolling and bumpy surf bouncing up the sand at high tide this morning lit by three quarters of a bright moon and framed by those lazy clouds. It is kind of a summer scene but obviously just a bit chillier but not much though!

If you’re keen enough, you’ll probably get a fun surf in, nothing too intense just a sloppy and bumpy one which occasionally throws up those inside zippy sections!

Good to see Dom (Clarke) on BBC’s Countryfile last night, along with Susie (Ray) and Ben (Avery) getting busted surfing the opening sequence (he should have been in college!!). Well done them and aren’t those fish ‘rubbings’ wonderful! You can check it out on BBC iplayer.

And, as that program highlighted, those recent storms did make an impact on our local beaches.

At Constantine there’s a bit of a drop at the main entrance, that clay bank a good three or four feet down off the vertical wall of sand, while there’s also a bit of a gap between the steps and the beach at the other end.

Other than that, the dunes have been a bit blown, the lifeguard hut base has been half buried but there’s nothing that won’t naturally self heal.

Apart from all the debris and rubbish that is!

Stacey (Long) has set up a group of volunteers to give the local beaches a bit of a clean up. Check his Facebook page for more info (Seven Bays Task Force) on where and when. The first clean up was on Saturday at Treyarnon, picking up sixty bags of rubbish!

It’s about now that we are really going to miss the Beach Rangers. Lost to one of those incredibly short sighted, knee jerk, cost cutting exercises by our elected representatives which is probably going to come back and bite us all. After all, the most precious local commodities are our beaches, it kind of makes sense to look after them.

Luckily, there is a bit of a community spirit around here and the guys will rally round and get stuck in to keep the place as we would all like it. And those guys who always do pick up as they go along should be appreciated too. I know a few who always take more rubbish away than they would ever bring, unnoticed and unrewarded and quite happy to be!

Let’s all do that!

Check out ‘Take 3’ at (

Harlyn (2*) – 2′


It’s pretty much the same around here as it is over the other side this morning, except smaller.

There’s a couple of feet of disjointed surf bouncing ashore, that wind not blowing that strongly but very much straight onshore. So it is a couple of choppy and sloppy feet of surf that is probably going to stay that way all day. As I say, that wind isn’t that strong and so the surf isn’t completely messed up but it’s nowhere near clean either.

If you’re really keen (or desperate?) then you’ll probably get a few fun ones. Yep, it’s pretty much the same as the other side just about half the size.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 14:02 (1.5m) High Tide: 19:54 (6.8m)


Surf Forecast for Tuesday 21st January 2014

The wind is likely to have switched almost 180 degrees today, switching to a still onshore southerly to south westerly direction.

The more south it goes, the better and we can even hope that it slips just that bit more, ending up being south easterly. But that is pretty unlikely.

The surf is continuing to drop and weaken, we can expect only a couple to three feet at our main breaks, although that might just bump up a little with the afternoon tide.

So, it’s not looking all that promising but we might just enjoy some fun surf in the afternoon.

Surf Forecast for the start of the week

As always the wind is going to play a large part in deciding how good the surf might be this coming week and with mainly west to north westerly winds being forecast, it’s not looking that promising!

I suppose that after this last few weeks (or months even!) of powering surf on a daily basis, it had to change sometime. But don’t be too dismayed, there is likely to still be plenty of surf, it’s just the wind direction that is going to make for sloppier conditions than we have been used to for a good little while now.

The surf should be powering in at a good three or four feet, still with a double digit wave period, the only annoyance being the onshore wind blowing from the north west. Let’s hope that it’s not that strong, the forecasts are showing a steady north westerly, just a little stronger than light.

By Tuesday the wind is likely to have slipped to the south west but the swell is likely to have weakened a lot too. It’s going to be three footish but bumpy west side versus real small but clean Harlyn today.

By midweek the wind will have settled to the west and is likely to stay there for the west of the week. And with the swell peaking midweek at about six feet then you have to wonder about the far coast?

Anyway, there will be plenty of surf throughout the week ahead, it just might not be that pristine gorgeousness that we would all like!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!