At 6.20 a.m:

Constantine (3*):  2 to 3 feet


We seem to be in a pattern of slow starts with wet and dreary mornings, coming good for the afternoon.
Or let’s hope so!
Because right now it’s as dull and dark as you ever want to see under a steady downpour of chilling rain.
The surf is surprisingly good though!
The wind is just about offshore, a light but strengthening north easterly wind blustering into the two to three feet lefts, just hollowing them out a bit. But it’s not the place to hang around this morning, that rain is stingingly chill!
But I wouldn’t be surprised to see the sun clambering through by this afternoon again, while that wind inevitably switches to onshore (north westerly).


Harlyn (0*):  Flat


It’s pretty much flat here this morning, flat and choppy too.
This cold north north easterly wind is onshore here and so is making the surface choppy and sloppy. It might not be long before the other side is like that but right now it is three feet and clean over there!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  19:15  (2.7m)              High Tide:  12:39  (5.6m)


Surf Forecast for Tuesday 25th August 2015

There could be some small but clean surf in the morning, the wind just veering to the east for a few hours as that front brushes by but once again it will soon switch back to onshore at our main breaks.  A freshening west sou’ westerly is going to coincide and assist a growing swell and so we should see a very quick increase in wave size through the afternoon and into the evening.  Harlyn is likely to kick in through the afternoon, it’s just a shame that the tide will be on the drop through the afternoon.  But there should still be some good surf over there!


Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

Onshore winds are likely to continue to blow into this week, starting out from the north west through Monday morning, gradually backing to the south west as we go along. At least the south westerly direction gives the surf at Harlyn a chance to shine!
But generally we are probably going to be lucky to enjoy anything better than three feet or so of onshore, mushy surf for most of this week again, maybe allowing a couple of feet or so into Harlyn through midweek.
The weather is likely to improve as we go along too, with some nice periods of warm and cheery sunshine from midweek onwards.
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!