Constantine (4*):  3 to 5 ft

at 6.20 a.m.


It’s a beaut of a morning this holiday Monday, the sky is bright, the surf is rolling in and the breeze is offshore!
There’s a very nice two to three foot swell rolling across the Reef with way bigger sets lining up every ten to fifteen minutes or more. And those swells are turning into hollow and peeling waves as they hit the shallow spots, those craggy rocky reef bits or those lumpy shallow sandbanks.
Hilly and Louie are sponging a few on that peak just off the Reef and are just about to be joined by a happy group of Kayakers too.
The wind is starting to gust a little stronger than it has done for a few days but the forecasts are showing just a steady south south easterly blow with those gusts maxing at around 28 mph, which isn’t that strong. But let’s see how that goes through the afternoon, it could just slip more southerly through late afternoon, maybe even twitching south westerly.
But in the meantime: the surf is pumping, the birds are singing and the sun is shining!
Have a great day!


Harlyn (1*):  1 ft


It’s pretty much flat around here this morning still.
There are a couple of one foot walls crashing through off the Rock but otherwise there’s not much to get a surfboard onto.
Which is a shame as the wind is perfectly offshore here this morning, shaping those little wavelets into pretty and enticing little things.
It might be worth having a little look back later on this afternoon, or more probably this evening.  There just might be a wave starting to show once the tide turns again.  Maybe.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:11  (2.1m)                     High Tide:  09:57  (6.0m)




Surf Forecast for Tuesday 6th May 2014

South westerly winds are looking to take charge today, helping to push the steady swell up by another foot or two.
The steady wind is likely to be just too strong to allow the west facing surf breaks to stay clean and so it is likely to end up being a bit of a Harlyn day today.
Two to three feet and clean conditions are expected around there with a late morning high tide as we enjoy a clear and bright and mild morning.

Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

A half decent, solid little swell is expected to be rolling our way over the next few days.
As the kids slip back to school after the long weekend some bumping surf is due to crash against our shores pretty much all week. A steady south westerly wind will help to push that steady groundswell giving it that extra foot or two of size and just a little extra oomph too.
The weather is likely to be that fresh, bright and breezy kind of stuff that we expect for early summer.
So for those early holidayers or those late season returnees, there should be a very pleasant week of some sun and plenty of surf to play in.
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!