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Surf Report for Monday, 6th January | Constantine Bay Surf Store

Constantine (1*) – 12′

Yep, it is pretty darned big out there this morning, maybe not quite so big as the last couple of storms but it is still big enough to make you stare.

And it is forecast to double or more in size through the day!

The wind is strong, not yet blowing a hooley but those gusts are quite lively.

So, it’s another stormy day on this wave battered little coast of North Cornwall, as most of the rest of the country slips back to work, school, college, or whatever after that lovely festive break, mother nature is just carrying on doing her thing which includes throwing twenty foot surf battered by fifty miles an hour winds at us.

The beaches, bays and coves are going to take a little while to recover from this series of storms but I’m always amazed how quickly they do, especially those with the least human interference.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the surf breaks hold up after this lot too!  They’re definitely going to be changed, for the better or worse, well, we’ll have to wait and see but they are going to be changed!

In the meantime, let’s skip across to the shelter of Harlyn.

Harlyn (4*) – 3-8′


I know, it is a bit random, three to eight feet.  But that’s the way it is.

The steady, continuous waves are not much bigger than three to four feet, a crisp three to four feet with that steady offshore wind blowing.  But the sets are powering in when they come, five to six feet occasionally, six to eight feet every now and again and then bigger than that if you wait around for long enough.

And that is an hour or more before another big high tide!

So, it is big and it is going to get bigger, whatever the guys who pause at the bridge for a moment mid-sets tell you.

And it looks powerful enough, looking at those waves peeling along the house defenses, taking most of the structure with them, tossing slabs of slate around like it’s paper in a breeze.

But how cool would it be to shoot the bridge!?  There are waves breaking beneath the bridge, creating more beach on the landward side.

Yeah, you will get a surf in here today if you’re prepared and it will be good, if you’re prepared.  But if you’re not prepared, you’re probably going to facing a whole heap of misery, if you’re lucky!!

Take it easy out there today and know your limits!  Better to stay safe and watch if you’re unsure.

After saying that, good luck to all the guys hitting it hard, the tow-in crews pulling in off Ireland, Portugal, France and those little mysto spots dotted around Cornwall.

Social media is going to be in a spin with all the images washing around in a minute!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 08:48 (7.5m) Low Tide: 15.16 (1.2m)