Constantine (1*):  3 – 4 ft

A grey sky continues to hug us this morning, that gusting south sou’ westerly wind throwing more wetness at us and making it feel chillier than the thermometer proves.
The surf is a raggedy three feet, a mish-mash of bouncy stuff breaking wherever it feels like and probably not where you want it to if you were out there.
The wind is forecast to relax later but maybe not until mid afternoon just as it all brightens up too. But it is likely to stay onshore here all day, just a bit lighter onshore later.
Let’s trot on over the headland and have a little look at Harlyn……


Harlyn (1*): 1 ft


The surf here this morning is immaculate, tiny but immaculate.
A foot of crystal clean and sparkling little waves are spilling ashore, a gentle looking and peeling (for Harlyn) little surf, appealing to a longboard but maybe a bit difficult for anything much shorter than long.
It might just build as the tide slowly creeps in to its late morning high, not by much but maybe to a more fun couple of feet.
It’s worth keeping an eye on anyway because it’s either that or the junk surf of the other side. And the water might be mild for the time of year but it is still chilly enough to not want to be paddling non stop in three foot slush!



Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  17:31  (2.6m)        High Tide:  11:15  (5.5m)


Surf Forecast for Tuesday 8th April 2014

There should be waves today but nothing too impressive, that wind is likely to have swung to the north west, onshore everywhere around here!
A four foot, quite close together swell is likely to be upon us, all bouncy and mixed up, those close fetch waves sometimes tripping over each other.
A brighter day maybe but that is not going to help the weak and wishy washy but maybe getting more sizey later, mixed up surf.
Onshore three foot Harlyn might just be the best that we can hope for!


Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

The week is going to start out as a damp ‘n breezy one with fresh westerly winds buffeting the coast and swirling the surf.
There’s a steady three to four foot swell on its way too, a rolling swell merrily carried along by that same wind.
All of the main breaks should be seeing plenty of four foot plus surf, more of that rolling stuff with rips and bumps and peaks aplenty.
Harlyn should have waves too, a couple to three feet in general, not as clean as you would like it but clean enough and fun enough for most.
So a week of fun surf and pleasant and bright enough weather awaits, a typical early spring week really!
Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!