Surf Report for Saturday 12th March 2016

At 6.55 a.m:

Constantine (4*): 4 to 5 feet.


A bright and hazy, beautiful morning is spreading across the countryside, the air still, the sky a hazed blue, that naturally filtered sunlight glinting and glistening off some glassy looking waves.
It is pretty fabulous out there this morning!
And the surf is pleasant looking too, four feet, slightly bigger on those infrequent sets, all glassy and smooth and inviting, in spite of the tide being too high.
A day of surfing some fun looking waves awaits, the swell staying consistent, the breeze offshore and that sun loitering all day.
Have a great time wherever you decide to surf!



Harlyn (2*):  1 to 2 feet.


It is pretty small here again today, one to two feet of smooth and glassy little waves are washing across the high tide sand.
There is a bit of a wait even for those small waves and when they do come through they are pretty weak looking.
It’s really a day for the other side of the headland, the breeze is offshore over there too and the swell is smooth and lined up and reeling.
But there are little waves here if Harlyn is your thing!




Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:03  (0.4m)              High Tide:  19:55  (7.5m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 13th March 2016

The breeze might shift back more easterly today but it should stay light and breezy, that welcome sunshine cheering us all up for another day. And the surf is set to keep on rolling through!
Those smooth and glassy waves might be a little smaller today, more in the three foot range but otherwise we should be in for another fabulous day of wave sliding!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

As the jet stream finally budges over bit allowing high pressure to gradually spread itself above us, a steady four foot swell with a double digit wave-period is heading our way. And so the winds should lighten and back around to the south east – offshore!
I think that we just might be looking at a weekend of glorious and pumping, reeling surf!
Throw in some fabulous bright and sunny weather which should cheer us up from Saturday afternoon onwards and we have the promise of what could just end up being one of ‘those’ weekends!
Four feet and offshore on Saturday, going five feet and still with those light offshores along with plenty of clear and bright sunshine by Sunday!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!