At 6.15 a.m:

Constantine (1*):  2 feet.


A grey and blustery morning is greeting us this morning, the temperatures a little low and the sky a little gloomy as a fresh breeze gusts along the shore.
The surf isn’t all that either, a couple of feet of chopped and slopped, small and weak looking junk surf is washing into the bay.
But the forecasts are showing an easing in wind strength, clearing skies and building surf.
We could just be surfing some better waves by this afternoon but I’m unconvinced about the weather (but then I am more often wrong on these things!).


Harlyn (0*):  0 to 1 foot


The surf is almost completely flat around here this morning, ruffled and slopped, choppy and bouncy but pretty much flat.
Conditions should improve as we go through the day over on the other side of the headland but I can’t see too much improving in the surf over here today! It is still a fabulously beautiful place to just be though, as always!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  20:40  (2.7m)              High Tide:  14:08  (5.6m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 14th August 2016

We might just enjoy a little taste of summer today!
That small and weak, uneasy surf should be improved by fine and improving weather conditions. It should end up being a fun day in small but entertaining surf!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

A pleasant weekend lies ahead with light onshores set for Saturday, gently blowing along a couple of feet of sloppy but fun surf. By Sunday the breeze should have settled more to the east, offshore at all of our main surf breaks, while a little pulse of swell should be finding its way to those same breaks as that breeze becomes kinder.
The skies should brighten a lot as we go through the weekend too, promising bright and beautiful conditions all along the coast by Sunday morning and hopefully lasting for at least a few days!
So, at last we might just be enjoying a very pleasant and fine weekend with at least some fine weather and some clean surf too!
Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!