Constantine (3*):  3 to 4 ft

at 6.10 a.m.


Another bright and clear, sunny early morning is upon us, the sky bright and blue and the air calm and filled with a tranquil birdsong.
There is a light breeze drifting down from the north and that is affecting the three to four feet of surf at high tide, that and the early morning fug that sometimes hits it too.
But things should improve massively as the tide eases its way back down the beach, the half decent swell continuing to keep the surf in that three to four feet range and the wind staying light all day.
Yep, we are in for a really good day of fun surf in lots and lots of sunshine, so wax it up and get on in there but don’t forget the sunblock!


We have received our Pukas ’Inspiration Project’ Ts featuring an image of Toby (Donachie) taken by Cheyne and put together by those fine artisans at Pukas in Spain (they’re the guys that make boards for Mr Gabriel Medina) and they’re on the rails now!
Actually we have loads of new stuff hanging on the rails ready for this Summer’s visitors:
Summer wetsuits from O’Neill, Xcel and Alder are hanging alongside surf accessories from FCS andO&E while Reef flip flops are sat next to Vans beach and skate shoes. The newly launched Vissla range of clothes are alongside rails of Brixton Mfg, Captain Fin Co, Reef, Lost, Coastees and the newly inPassenger range as well as our our own Shop logo’d garments.
We have sunglasses from Bolle, Ray Ban and now the brand new dBlanc (and how great are they!) as well as EightyEight and Vision.
Time for a new board for Summer?
Then take your pick from our wide range of boards. We have longboards, short board, fun boards, soft boards, finless boards and all sorts! Al Merrick, Haydenshapes, Meyerhoffer, Sol Life, …Lost, Beach Beat, Hawaiian Soul and Webber, we should have something to suit!
And if we haven’t got it, we can get it!
So, drop in on us this weekend if you’re around the area!!


Harlyn (1*):  0 to 1 ft


It is pretty much flat again around here again this morning but that is at high tide and there are those surges of water just dropping over the high tide sandbank. And that usually shows that there will be little waves as the tide eases back.
You can also see little lines shadowing before the deep bit too.
Yep, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some surfable little waves breaking here later on, only a foot or so but maybe rideable if Harlyn is your thing.
But it is the other side today again really.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:22  (0.8m)                   High Tide:  19:16  (7.5m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 15th June 2014

Sunday, Sunday!
This Sunday looks like it is going to be another pleasant one to go surfing on with maybe two to three feet of reasonably good surf, super clean in the morning going crumblier as the day goes on before cleaning up again in the evening but maybe not until later on.
So it looks like a great day to head to the beach even if surfing is not your thing; this settled weather is looking good, the spring tides are high in the morning and again in the evening leaving loads of space to play during the day and the water is warming up nicely at 15 deg C.
Have a great day!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

That high pressure system has just settled to the west of us for a moment or two, allowing a little more airflow up and around while also just slightly blocking some of the swell. That shouldn’t last too long though with that high hopefully settling back and allowing just a little more swell through while keeping us basking in this lovely summer weather.
Saying that though, when high pressure settles in it doesn’t take too much activity out in the Atlantic to produce half decent waves at our surf breaks locally. So we only need a little disturbance way out there to push some clean little lines our way.
And that’s what should be happening this weekend!
Give the high pressure a day or two to settle conditions above us and then watch as those little waves trickle in from a long way away.
I think that we could just have some very fun waves into the weekend, Friday having kicked things off with a very enjoyable one, building to two to three feet of smooth and quite well travelled little surf to ride.
So, a fun and very surfable three feet of swell should be rolling our way through the weekend, the winds set light and the sun set to shine. It is looking very promising indeed!
And that bright weather always helps to make it that little more enjoyable doesn’t it!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!