At 6.10 a.m:  

Constantine (2*):  3 to 4 feet  

A cold and windswept morning is reminding us that Autumn’s trembling grip isn’t too far away!
That chill north westerly blow is buffeting and barging the three to four feet of weary looking surf, the dark blue tint of coldness not exactly enticing. But that wind is also pushing away those loitering lumps of brooding cloud too, replacing it with something brighter and bluer and hopefully warmer!
The wind should ease at least little as the day stumbles on, allowing some cosy sun traps to warm you up while you dream of those sheltered wave spots, where there should be a decent couple of feet of fun surf, if you can find them!  

And it is Carnival Day today!
St. Merryn Carnival rolls through the village this evening with a chaos of floats meeting at the Playing Fields at 6pm for the procession at 7pm!
It is always a fun evening!


Harlyn (2*):  2 to 3 feet  

A couple of feet of harassed and hurried little surf is being bullied ashore by that gusting north westerly wind.
It is cold and dull right now but with a forecast of brighter and milder to come soon enough.
As the wind eases though so will the size of those little windblown waves, making the other side of the headland the more appealing where at least there’s a little bit of size to drop in on.  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  10:22  (1.6m)              High Tide:  16:21  (6.7m)



Surf Forecast for Sunday 20th August 2017  

A couple of feet or so of fairly weak and tired surf is going to be troubled and bothered by an unsure southerly breeze. That breeze will strengthen through the afternoon but it might also slip offshore for a few hours too, just in time to clean and organise that small surf as the sun decides that it does want to hang around after all!
So, we might just end up managing to enjoy a day of small but fun surf with some bright enough weather!  

Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

Westerly, veering north westerly, eventually going south westerly winds are going to be blowing hard all weekend long and we are going to see a few hard falling showers in amongst an otherwise bright enough and quite pleasant weekend.
Harlyn was looking promising to start the weekend off but now it seems that the wind has decided to slip back to a north westerly direction all through Saturday, making for unpleasant conditions even at Harlyn! Although I often think that Harlyn is sometimes more fun when there’s that choppy bump to hit, allowing some big air opportunities!
But most people will probably opt for the west side of the headland, paddling out through the bump and chop of three to four feet of inshore blown surf.
By Sunday we should be enjoying a more southerly and lighter wind, maybe even slipping offshore for a couple of hours through the afternoon! There might even be more brightness than we were expecting too!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!