Constantine (2*):  2 feet

at 7.05 a.m.


It’s a beautiful start to the day with a bright, bright sky and light, light breezes.
The surf isn’t all that, not yet anyway. A couple of feet of sloppy and mixed up surf is washing about with no clear focus and not much rhythm to it, even though this wind is so light.
All of the forecasts are showing an increase in swell size though, along with an increase in wind strength of course!
By this afternoon the surf is likely to have doubled in size along with a gusting onshore, south westerly wind.
I’m guessing that Harlyn might be the preferable choice by then!

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Harlyn (1*):  six inches


It’s all but flat around here this morning, a smooth sea surface of molten silver.
The wind is gently blowing offshore, grooming those six inch ripples into glass like little wavelets.
We should enjoy a building swell through today and so we might just have to keep our eyes open for an increase in wave size here too. If we do see a new swell arriving and it is big enough to swing in here then it should be well shaped, this wind, so light now, is set offshore here for the weekend.
I still think that it could be really very pleasant by this afternoon!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  18:26  (2.2m)          High Tide:  11:45  (6.2m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 2nd November 2014

A four foot or so swell should be sweeping along our coast today, the wind steady and from the south west.
And so Harlyn is the place to head for locally, it should be a very decent three feet plus around there with a mainly offshore wind and enough brightness to keep us happy into November!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

A new swell-generating depression has settled out to the west tracking lazily to the north while throwing some waves our way and building into something a little more substantial through the weekend.
And then, as always, it’s down to the winds to decide what conditions will be like when those swells reach us.
And a south westerly wind is forecast for this weekend, starting out light on Saturday morning, strengthening through the afternoon and easing a little into Sunday.
The swell might just lag behind. There will be plenty, eventually but it might just be Saturday afternoon before we see some more solid stuff. Harlyn should be showing some surf by mid afternoon on Saturday and then should only improve.
By Sunday Harlyn is likely o be avery decent three to four feet, the wind having settled to the south west and maybe eased, if only a little. But we should see some chunky waves grinding in through the whole of Sunday in maybe a little sunshine too.
Yep, it looks like another three footish, bright and breezy Harlyn weekend for us!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!