Constantine (2*):  3 – 4 ft

at 6.55 a.m.

It’s a bit breezy out there this morning, probably more like it often is at this time of year.
The wind is gusting from the south, pushing into the right-handers that are spinning off the Point, the sea a dark and broody, translucent steel-blue, the sky a rolling blanket of grey and white, a mix of light and dark all brightened by some fat rainbow slices off the Quies.
The surf isn’t all that though – yet.
Three feet of sullen and hesitant surf is bouncing off the Point, curling into the wind and reeling shorewards but without much of a wall.  A shoulderless peak, peeling across the bay.
It’s going to build, there’s little question about that, it’s just a question of when and by how much.
The Harlyn Classic is due to run this morning, probably at Harlyn in these conditions.  So let’s have a quick stroll over there to see what’s happening…….


Harlyn (1*):  1 – 2 ft


That’s where a star system falls down. It is only one star conditions right now but everyone knows that the swell is going to build and it should be really quite good soon enough!
Right now though it is way smaller than expected – but the day is yet young!
A foot or so of immaculately wind-groomed little peelers are slapping the sand as the tide drops halfway out to low.
There is the occasional taller and hollow one, all deep blue and curling off the Rock, knee to thigh high at best.
It could, or should increase in size as the day rolls on, doubling or trebling in size by midday, allowing the Harlyn Classic to be fun.
The good thing is how it’s breaking here though.
There is a little space before those waves ground out. That might not stay like that as the surf builds in size but it could be really god if it did!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  10:19  (1.2m)             High Tide:  16:16  (6.7m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 27th April 2014

It might feel chillier this morning as the wind swings to the north.
A thick and solid five foot swell should be rolling through all day but that wind is going to mess it up pretty much everywhere around here.
Our only option for a clean wave is likely to be the south coast today but that is only if there’s enough swell to swing around to there.
Otherwise it’s big and messy surf over here!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

Friday’s breeze has already turned into more of a wild wind, having slipped southerly and forecast to eventually veer south westerly as the day goes on before swinging more north westerly for Sunday.
The three feet of clean surf on Friday should double or close to treble through Saturday, still keeping a double digit wave-period and so maintaining some shape even in the wind.
Harlyn should kick in through this morning, eventually getting up to three to four feet plus for the Harlyn Classic.
So, a pumping swell with plenty of dry enough and bright enough weather (once those early morning downpours have moved on!) should provide us with an action-packed and very surfy weekend, Harlyn kicking in by Saturday mid-morning with some crunchy sandblasters for everyone!
Yep, it’s all looking good for another surf filled and massively fun weekend!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!