At 8.30 a.m:

Constantine (0*):  4 to 5 feet.



The wind has changed direction this morning with a more westerly blow chopping out the four feet or so of junk surf.
The wind isn’t blowing quite as strongly as it has been this last few weeks but it is still fresh enough to bend the hedges and spread spray across the headlands while trashing any hopes of clean surf along this little stretch of coastline!
The forecasts are showing another pulse of thick and heavy swell for this afternoon but the wind looks although it is going to continue to mess it all up!
No, the hunt is still on for those wind protected, more sheltered spots!
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Harlyn (2*):  3 feet.


The wind is a little too westerly to allow Harlyn to be good today.
Those three foot waves are crashing ashore in a random and haphazard way today, a windblown chop moving across the sea’s surface and creating those thick double-ups.
It’s certainly not great here today but there are waves crashing in and the handful of guys who are already out there are enjoying a few early morning crumbly crashers seem to be having fun.
It’s unlikely to improve much today but it is probably going to get bigger!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:54  (2.7m)              High Tide:  10:24  (6.1m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 2nd January 2016

Hopefully the wind will have a little more south to it today, at least offering Harlyn more of a chance to do its stuff in style.
The waves should be bigger today, a double digit wave size along with a double digit wave period combining to produce some thick and heavy, whomping waves!
Shame about the wind though!


Surf Conditions for the New Year Weekend

Ah, this new year does not seem to have registered a change with the wind gods, those hard blowing and sometimes stormy winds look set to continue to blow hard and fast throughout this first week of 2016.
This weekend will see another surge in swell size through Saturday afternoon, the wind more westerly too, limiting the choice of cleaner surfbreaks even more.
Sunday should show more typical Harlyn conditions with thick and lumpy swells being groomed a little more by strong south westerlies.
Those sheltered spots that we have been trekking off to the last few weeks are going to continue to be the places to explore with ten feet plus swells battering the coast, being driven hard by 30 t0 40 mph winds.
Things should settle eventually but not quite yet!

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