At 8.20 a.m:  

Constantine (0*):  8 to 10 feet  

The wind has calmed a little this morning and switched more to the west and south. There are still strong gusts every now and again though, enough to shake the marram grass while throwing sand in your eyes as it wrecks any chance of those big and almost majestic looking waves that are attacking the headland being in any way rideable.
Eight to ten feet of explosive wave energy is unfurling from those thick and heavy swells as they trip over the shallows and each other in their hurry to the beach. Those waves are heavy and angry looking this morning but they have lost that north wind chill that we have been enduring lately.
There might just be some hollow and rewarding barrels to be had at those south west wind friendly spots today, if you are fit enough, experienced enough and keen enough!
I’m away from here for a few days, so no surf report until next week, so have a fabulous New Year!! And take it easy if you do venture out there over the next week – it is powerful and dangerous for those who aren’t on top of their game!  

And if you haven’t got a decent wetsuit, we are having a HALF-PRICE Vissla wetsuit sale until Saturday at 4.30pm!!
They are notoriously warm and cosy and especially at that price, stupidly affordable. We also have a handful of HALF-PRICE Patagonia suits on the rails if you’re keen and we can knock 25% OFF some of our Xcel suits if they are your favourite!
We are open 10.30 till 4.30 through till Saturday and then closed on New Year’s Eve and Day. So if you want a super end of 17 bargain then you had better get on down pretty quick!


Harlyn (0*):  5 to 8 feet

The wind is almost straight offshore here this morning, almost but not quite!
Four to five feet with some seriously bigger set waves are ploughing their way through the lineup, as hollow as they are tall and mainly breaking from one end of the beach to the other.
But there are those odd ones that are screaming and reeling as they twist their way from the almost peak.
So if you’re fit enough, had enough practice and are keen then you are going to get some hollow fast rides, if you are none of those things then you’re going to get punished badly!
And that is why we haven’t been hiring equipment out for the last week and don’t expect to for the next week!  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  08:56  (1.9m)              High Tide:  14:51  (6.9m)



Surf Forecast for New Year’s Eve 2017  

If you have been quietly waiting for a day with fifteen feet swells and a screaming sou’ wester gusting at 40mph then today is your time to shine!
The main surf breaks are going to be out of control with big waves being wind blasted into the bays, while those sheltered spots like Harlyn are still going to be washed by big, big waves.
For the experienced, keen and surf-fit few, Harlyn will be blessed with big and hollow, sand dredging barrels, most of them closing-out but with the occasional reward of a peeling dream of a winter tube!
But if in doubt – don’t paddle out!!  

Surf Conditions for New Year’s Week 2018  

As we go into the New Year’s weekend, the wind is promising to shift to the south west – at least for a day or so!
We should be seeing some big and booming, hollow Harlyn offering sand-sucking barrels to those keen enough and that should last all day long on Saturday, getting bigger for New Year’s Eve! The wind will be trying to slip back to the north west but should linger westerly through through the early morning before being pushed back to south westerly for the rest of the day.
An afternoon of thumpingly big and hollow but maybe a bit twitchy and hesitant, wind bothered surf could just make this New Year’s Eve an exciting one to surf!
We can but hope that 2018 will see the back of this seemingly constant run of north westerly winds and at least provide some south westerly options!
But New Year’s Day so far looks like a continuation of more hard blowing onshore winds on this coast with the only option for anything clean to surf on being a trip to the south coast.
And then this first week of 2018 looks set to continue the same way that 2017 ended – with big swells being battered and bruised by howling onshore winds! If you still have time off work the a surfari to teh far coast will be calling, or maybe the pub?!
Have the very best New Year, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!