Constantine – 8-10′

Ah, that’s a bit more peaceful!

It is so much calmer this morning, the wind has dropped to a steady sou’ wester, the surf has lost its mighty roar and there is the odd bright bit in the sky.

Those waves are still growling up the beach, scouring the dunes and rattling the masonry but there’s not that massiveness to it of yesterday. It is still too big and too out of control to surf but it is just a bit calmer than yesterday.

Luckily there’s not too much man made construction about here to get wrecked in such storms, the sea can just run wild and we can watch in awe without the worry of that destruction. There’s probably a lesson there?

Anyway, it is still huge and it is still onshore, so once again it’s time to stumble over the headland to see what Harlyn has to offer………



Harlyn – 10-12′

It looks so much smaller than yesterday! ¬†And it is but it’s not that small!

In amongst the debris and carnage of timber and stones washing around the Surf Life Saving Club and the Surf School container, railway sleepers shooting the bridge, there are still some decently chunky waves washing in.

It is way smaller than yesterday but there are still four to five to six feet sets grinding in, the wind so much lighter, maybe just a little too westerly but okay really.

Yep, it’s an okay Harlyn day that’s lying ahead, the size dropping a bit with the tide through the morning, building again on the incoming this afternoon.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 13.47 (0.6m) High Tide: 19.40 (7.6m)