Constantine (2*):  3 ft

It’s a grey day with a steady south sou’ westerly breezing across the bay, the dark silver sky merging into the dark silver sea somewhere towards the horizon.
The surf is okay though with a decent couple to three feet of curling swell rolling in.
It is just a little thick, just a little bumpy, just a little wobbly but still managing to hold its shape through all that.
As long as the wind doesn’t blow too hard we should be enjoying a decent day of fun surf!
And it’s mild enough too, a little damp around the edges but no worse for that, so far!

The water temperature is so mild too (for this time of year!), nudging double digits on the Celsius scale.
Which is why we still have some big reductions on those wonderfully warm winter wetsuits!
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Harlyn (1*):  1 ft



The surf is very small around here this morning, barely a foot of smoothly moving, manicured and pretty little waves are shimmering into the bay. There’s more here than I expected and it is so pretty and enticing but it really is the other side again this morning.
Keep your eyes on it though, it could gradually build through the day and might just improve a lot. Maybe not until this evening but it could just pick up a bit.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:00  (1.8m)       High Tide: 09:43  (6.3m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 6th April 2014

We can expect a four to five foot swell today, a southerly (gradually swinging south westerly) wind and another dullish and dankish sky.
And that all points to Harlyn for us locally. We can expect a fairly typical Harlyn day with three feet of offshore surf snappily cruising ashore. Bigger on the incoming tide, weakening on the drop.
It should be fun, if a little busy!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

The gorgeous offshore surf conditions have given way to the more regular onshore, south westerly winds that normally sweep our coast.
And those south westerly winds will push up the swell as the week winds down, the weekend arrives and the kids break up from school, those small and clean conditions of midweek gradually being replaced by building swells and steady winds as we go along.
By the weekend south westerly winds will have taken charge, blowing steadily and building that swell, while depositing the odd fairly heavy shower here and there too.
So Harlyn is going to come into its own for this weekend, maybe not until Saturday evening or Sunday morning, maybe showing just a bit on Saturday morning.
Over there it should be three feet and offshore for most of the time, once the swell settles in, a little smaller on the dropping tides, building again on the incoming. It could be quite good if you time it right!
Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!