At 7.40 a.m:  

Constantine (4*):  3 to 4 feet  

Another beautiful morning is spreading its warmth and cheer all along the coast again on this Sunday morning.
The surf is a smidgeon smaller than yesterday but no worse for that, there are still some chunky and fun, peeling three to four footers thundering into the bay.
The air is still, the sky is clear, the surf is pumping – have a great day!  


Harlyn (0*):  0 to 1 foot

A couple of feet of glassy little surf is swinging into Harlyn this morning, the sea a smooth glass blue, the air slightly misty with a hint of that marine layer showing a bit of a chill while the cold, cold sand is as gold as can be.
The tide is completely wrong right now, half way out on the drop and so those bigger than they look waves are closing out and dumping randomly. Give it a couple of hours again though and we should see something more worthwhile.
The other side is the place to go really but if Harlyn is your fave wave then you should enjoy it today!  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  10:27  (2.1m)              High Tide:  16:21  (6.6m)



Surf Forecast for Monday 22nd October 2018  

And on it goes with that same solid three foot swell throwing plenty of waves our way while the breeze stays light, the sky stays bright and the temperatures remind us more of Summer than Autumn.
If you are enjoying the school holidays then well done and if you are working but have flexi-hours then again, well done.
If you’re wage slaving away then perhaps a lieu day might be called for? Or a pre-work or after work one? It should still be that good!  

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

Ah, we just can’t get enough of these bright and cheery, calm and pleasant surf filled autumn days can we!
And there’s no sign of any let up just yet.
Well, not until next weekend maybe but that’s a long way off just yet.
So another sun and surf filled Monday will start the week with those light offshore breezes shaping and molding that same three to four feet of rolling swell.
Tuesday could feel a little chillier as the breeze strengthens and switches more to the north, going north westerly and so chopping the chunky four foot swell.
But by Wednesday we should be back to enjoying those light offshores, now from the north east and so feeling a bit bitey and chillier but still sunny with great waves.
And that is likely to be the way off it through the back half of the week, bright and sunny, chillier conditions with a couple to three feet of enjoyable surf.
Make the most of it if you can though, it won’t last forever!