Constantine (1*) – 6-8′

It’s a wet ‘n windy one this morning, another stormy blowthrough bending the hedgerows and battering the dunes.

The surf is pounding in, along with that hard blowing south westerly wind. It’s another mixed up and messy scene again around here, not the place to consider going for a surf, not this morning!

So, let’s skip merrily through the downpour over to Harlyn bay and see what’s happening there. With this wind and swell, it could just be good!

Harlyn (2*) – 3-5′


It’s another in a series of really good days that we have enjoyed at Harlyn this Winter!

The wind is howling but howling offshore, helping those very setty waves to bowl out and tube as they ricochet off the Rock and zip ashore.

It’s a decent three feet with four feet and bigger sets marching through every now and again, that wind straight offshore just after low tide this morning.

You have to think that it is going to build on the incoming tide as well!

Right now there are four or five out and about the same again in the car park. This stormy weather will probably keep the numbers down but if you want on it then you’d better get a wriggle on, that wind will probably come onshore by lunch time!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 12:37 (5.9m) Low Tide: 19:19 (2.4m)


Surf Forecast for Monday 27th January 2014

Those big and booming swells are set to build even more and crash our way, the wind continuing to roar and the rain set to lash the coast.

Fifteen feet plus swells and storm force winds howling in from the west are going to shape the day, those super sheltered spots being our only chance for a wet today!

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

These windy, stormy, conditions are here for a while yet!

Storm force winds and mountainous swells are blasting our way and will take a good few days to only gradually ease off.

Monday’s westerly storms will gradually slip to the north west for Tuesday, easing more northerly through Wednesday, all the time that pounding surf slowly, ever so slowly shrinking in size.

Those humongous waves of Monday dropping to too big on Tuesday and still big enough and blown out enough to be off putting through Wednesday.

Yep, it looks like it could be a while yet before we see any clean surfing conditions!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!