At 6. 55 a.m:  

Constantine (3*):  2 to 3 feet

Layers of cloud are scudding across the otherwise bright sky of an early Autumn Sunday morning, the breeze light and from the South, the beach empty enough to enjoy gentle birdsong as it drifts across the fields.
And the surf is okay too, not great but a decent couple to three feet and a little ruffled but set to improve as we go through the day.   

Harlyn (2*):  1 foot

Harlyn is quiet again this morning, a foot or so of lazy surf running across the pre-high tide shore as light cloud layers skip across the headland.
The breeze is easing offshore here and the swell is set to build through this afternoon, so we could be enjoying some fun surf here by this evening!    


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  15:19  (1.9m)              High Tide:  21:19  (6.5m)



Surf Forecast for Sunday 26th September 2021  

Westerly going sou’ westerly winds are going to be blowing fresher and maybe damper air our way today but in amongst the showers and sunshine of a more typical late September day there’s likely to be a thick and rolling four foot swell.
So the surf will be lumpy and bouncy at our main breaks but those more angled breaks like Harlyn should be showing some shape with enough swell getting round there to make it worth a look! 


Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week    

The calm and settled conditions of last week will be blown away by an energetic sou’ westerly wind through the start of this coming week, the wind pushing a lumpy and growing swell ahead of itself, the waves getting big enough to find their way into those more sheltered bays and coves that have been hibernating for some time this summer.
So Harlyn is likely to surge into action this week with some thick and rolling waves beating their way onto the sand, getting big enough to be bending, twisting and snapping those lighter weight, machined-out boards when you get them in the wrong place!
So, a welcome week of snappy Harlyn surf is coming up for most local surfers, testing their reflexes and speed of flight as those waves snap shut and ricochet across the sand.
Ah, but those ones that peel – they are where the memories are made!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!