Constantine (1*):  2 feet

at 5.55 a.m.


The sky is a little overcast this morning and a light but much fresher north westerly breeze is gently blowing across the beach, making for quite a contrast with that muggy weather of the last few days. It is a shame to see that hot and sunny weather disappearing but this fresher air is a bit of a relief.
For a moment!
The surf is a couple of feet or so, ruffled by the breeze but keeping its shape so far. The tide is a little high right now, and so those little waves are struggling to break in the deeper water but as the tide recedes then things could/should improve, at least a little.
And that sky is brightening already so I’m guessing that it is all going to end up being okay again today.
A warm enough and dry enough pleasant summer’s day with a couple of feet of okay surf.
That’ll do!

Harlyn (0*):  Flat


No, it’s flat again around here this morning.
There’s a breeze ruffled surface to the sea as that onshore gently blows ashore, just gently creating a little sand-side wash. You won’t be surfing here today not in these conditions. The other side is the place to be again for a little Sunday fun session!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 12:53  (1.4m)          High Tide: 18:50  (7.0m)


Surf Forecast for Monday 28th July 2014

The wind is expected to stay from the north or the north nor’ west again today, a steady blow, not too strong but enough to at least ruffle the surface of the sea.
The surf is expected to be in the two foot range again today, not great but very surfable. A couple of feet of fairly bumpy little waves, cleaning up as the tide pushes those little waves into the shelter of headlands and points.  I think that we should find some small but fun surf to enjoy today and it will probably be bright enough to keep most people happy too!


Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

North or north westerly winds are expected to be the main feature of the next few days, giving a much fresher feel to the weather while not doing much for the surf.
Only a small swell is expected to start this week off, a foot or two at best for most of the time and that being ruffled and rustled by the light but steady wind.
Those bright skies should broaden again by Tuesday or Wednesday at least making what surf there is look a bit better! But ultimately we will be lucky to be surfing anything much more than knee high and bumpy, at least to start the week off. Maybe the back half of this week will bring something at least a little better?
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!