Constantine (0*):  6 – 8 feet

It’s big and bad and blown to pieces again this morning!

I can barely remember the last time we surfed around this side of the headland, those winds have been keeping us hunkered down in the protection of Trevose Head since about October, or at least it feels that way!
And there’s not much change today.
The wind has calmed from that massive blow of yesterday evening but it is still blowing hard and still blowing onshore, more westerly this morning.  There are windows of blue sky scurrying overhead in between skin stinging showers but generally it’s a cold and uncomfortable, windswept place to be this morning, with little to interest anyone keen on surfing!
It is still beautiful though!
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Harlyn (2*):  3 – 4 feet


The wind is whooshing across the beach here this morning too, those bright moments lighting up the sea and almost making it attractive, the black clouds of more downpours quickly checking those thoughts.

The surf is okay though, smaller than you might expect after yesterday’s eighty mile an hour gusts and last night’s power swells.  It’s three to four feet looking, maybe a bit bigger when you’re actually out there.  And with this gusting westerly wind, it’s hardly neat or tidy, more a growling and stuttering kind of surf.  Those really big, left over swells whomping in every now and again just to keep us alert.
It’s low tide in a couple of hours but that might not work very well.  That combination of a smaller swell, a not very low tide (only one and a half metres) and a still strong westerly wind, won’t do too much to improve the surf.
But give it a wee while and it could all improve.
As the tide rises there might just be some more shelter from the wind and a little more strength to the swell.
It could just be quite good!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:11.03 (1.5m) High Tide: 16.52 (6.7m)


Surf Forecast for Friday 14th February 2014

Friday is looking good.
Well, when I say ‘good’, the wind is forecast to be offshore (south easterly) for most of the morning but, yep, it’s looking like a strong and blustery offshore.
That wind might just be too strong!
But the surf should be in the four to five foot range, still solid and still powerful.  So if we can find somewhere a little sheltered from the wind then it should be really very good.  Somewhere hunkered down beneath a headland or sand dunes could be pumping!
By the afternoon the wind will have switched back to south sou’ westerly making Harlyn the better bet on the incoming afternoon tide.  It’s likely to be three footish and clean under bright sunshine but, as is becoming normal this winter, with powering windstrength!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

It’s looking like another stormy morning for Saturday!
Howling west sou’ westerly winds are going to be pushing and shoving some more big swells into our bays, those exploding mountains of water wreaking some more havoc on our already battered and beaten shores. This weekend is likely to start off in the ten to fifteen foot size range, smaller than those mega storms of the last few weeks but certainly still big enough to cause some damage. Especially if you start taking it for granted! After the last series of storms we might just be thinking that this one is a little tame but those swells are still going to carry some strength and violence, so take it easy and approach with at least a little caution!
And then Sunday relaxes, just a little, as we all scuttle around to Harlyn. The wind back to the south west, the swell easing into a more regularly sized ‘large’ day in the bay.
We should be seeing some four to five foot and offshore surf here throughout Sunday, the afternoon producing bigger and more solid surf as that seven metre tide pushes in.
So, a great weekend to kick off the school half term holidays with; big and exciting storm surf to watch on Saturday, easing into something still challenging if you’re not regularly getting in but much more manageable by Sunday.
The weather?
A little bit of everything going bright, dry and sunny for Sunday!
Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!