At 6.05 a.m:  

Constantine (3*):  2 to 3 feet

So, this morning was the first one when I’ve had to wait for daylight since early Spring – Autumn light is creeping our way!
But the sky is already showing small signs of brightening and the forecasts are showing plenty of bright spells throughout the day and over the next few days too.
There’s a brisk sou’ westerly wind blustering into the bay this morning pushing in three feet or so of rolling, lumpy and choppy surf. It is still smaller than we were hoping for but we should see some increase in size ahead of this afternoon’s high tide.
And when that sun is shining it should at least feel more enjoyable!


Harlyn (1*):  0 to 1 foot

Tiny waves are frustrating us at almost full low tide this morning!
A foot at most of prettily shaped little waves are shadowing into the bay, the south westerly wind helping them to stand up tall before slapping down fast onto that hard low tide sand.
It’s not really rideable right now but should build at least a little with the rising tide, certainly becoming worth a look at, if still only really small by high tide.   


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  20:35  (2.2m)              High Tide:  13:52  (6.0m)



Surf Forecast for Friday 18th August  2017  

A hard blowing westerly wind is going to be shepherding some fresh windswell our way with those waves hitting the four to five foot range as they topple early and bunch together in the wind.
That’s at Constantine, Harlyn should be a little cleaner, that westerly wind being more sideshore here. But of course the waves will be smaller too.
Even so, I reckon that we will be enjoying some three feet of lumpyish Harlyn in the brightness and showers of a late summer’s day!  

Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

Westerly, eventually going south westerly winds are going to be blowing hard all weekend long. We are going to see a few hard falling showers in amongst an otherwise bright enough and quite pleasant weekend.
So we should be enjoying three feet of fairly bumpy and close together, rolling waves at Harlyn all day long on Saturday while conditions should be much smarter and sharper at Harlyn for Sunday.
So a proper Harlyn weekend awaits with in blustery but mainly bright and cheery conditions!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!