At 6.15 a.m:

Constantine (2*):  2 feet.


A lightly overcast morning is hinting at brighter to come later, those little glimpses of lightness highlighting the contrast of deep blue sea and the straw dry lightness of summer fields.
The wind is light, breezing in from the south west and bringing fresher sea air with it while it tussles the small surf.
A couple of feet of weak looking and fairly close together waves are shuffling ashore just ahead of hight water, ruffled and rumpled by that light onshore breeze but managing to still be inviting.
Small and lazy surf is waiting today, summer must be here!


Harlyn (1*):  0 to 1 foot


A foot or so of clean and smooth little waves are swinging into the bay as high tide beckons, the breeze offshore here but the waves tiny.
There might be a shin high snappy little surf to be had this afternoon but I think that I would prefer the other side today, it might be sloppier over there but at least it’s a couple of feet.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:31  (1.1m)              High Tide:  19:26  (7.3m)


Surf Forecast for Friday 22nd July 2016

Another day of small and lightly onshore slopped, summer surf awaits.
We should see enough brightness to make it more appealing but the surf is likely to be only a foot or two at best and at least a little sloppy again.


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

That brief spell of scorching weather looks to be well behind us now as the winds return to onshore and those little weather fronts bounce along our coastline.
The breeze has now settled back to the west, onshore but only lightly onshore. And that breeze should at least support the little swells that should head our way and keep them rolling our way through the weekend.
That wind will stay onshore through the end of the week and all the way into the weekend, twitching from south west to north westerly and back again.
So, we can only hope to enjoy a couple to three feet of onshore blown surf through the end of the week and into the weekend.
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!