Constantine (1*) – 5-6′

I’ve been a bit late posting up surf reports this week having volunteered for the school run. So I’ve been playing at being a commuter, trundling into Truro each morning which is a bit of an eye opener! Just loving the zombie state of most of the others, especially when it’s a bit wet out there! I guess that a speed is set and an angle of attack is taken to get through it each day and that ain’t going to change, whatever the circumstances!

Anyway, you haven’t missed anything this morning!

It’s a wet and windy one, the torrential downpours having eased a lot but still overfilling the streams and drains.

The surf is a mixed up mess of broken waves, pulled all over the place by a gusting west north westerly wind. You don’t want to be out there this morning, it’s a wild and woolley place that looks about as unwelcoming as it can. I think that I had more fun slaloming the puddles on the way to Truro than I’d get out here today!

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Harlyn (1*) – 3′


It’s not that great around here this morning either.

There’s three feet or so of mixed up waves, slopped up by a cross/onshore wind, fat waves shuffling drunkenly around at high tide, not sure where to break or when.

The wind is likely to settle more to the north west as the day goes on, so although the rain is likely to ease through the day the wind is likely to make the surf worse.

I’m not even sure if there’s enough swell getting around to the other coast to make it worthwhile?

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 10:11 (6.2m) Low Tide: 16:36 (2.3m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 25th January 2014

A four to six foot swell is expected today but with fresh westerly winds.
So it’s going to be pretty much onshore at most places, Harlyn maybe being okay through the morning, deteriorating through the afternoon.

A mainly windy and rainy, blustery day can be expected, brightening through the afternoon as the surf deteriorates with the dropping tide and gusting wind.

The morning might just make it worthwhile though!

And drop in on us if you’re over this way, we have a bit of a mega sale going on, especially on fins and deck grip!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

It’s looking like another stormy one!

Onshore, westerly going north westerly winds are set to blow through the whole weekend, the surf booming through Saturday and then boosting again on Sunday.

Saturday should see an okayish Harlyn morning, the wind a steady west south westerly, gusting more strongly through lunchtime and then maybe slipping a little too northerly to be good by the afternoon.

The morning though should produce a half decent five feet or so of fairly organised and thumping surf, Harlyn grinders testing more glass jobs for weaknesses! As the tide drops through the afternoon though, that wind is likely to have slipped more completely onshore, making a mess of all of it.

By Sunday morning, Harlyn should be on fire, the wind having swung to the south west and the swell having doubled in size overnight. Get on it quickly though because, as that swell continues to build again, the wind is probably going to swing back to the north west through the afternoon, making a choppy and sloppy mess of it all.
We should see some brightness through Saturday afternoon and again maybe on Sunday afternoon but there are going to be plenty of power showers to duck through too!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!