At 7.55 a.m:  

Constantine (3*):  2 to 3 feet

A grey and leaden sky is covering us this morning but it’s dry so far and the breeze is light, just fresh enough to carry some spring-like birdsong.
And the surf is immaculate.
A couple to three feet of smooth and glassy walls are twisting their way across the shallows, that offshore breeze manicuring those hollow little waves perfectly.
It’s not as big as it has been but it is smooth and glassy and hollow and peeling!   


Harlyn (0*):  Flat  

That booming winter Atlantic swell of earlier in the week has run its course for now leaving Harlyn all smooth and calm but pretty much flat.
There’s the occasional lost little maybe knee-high wave wandering ashore but otherwise there’s nothing going on.
It’s all happening over on the other side of the headland today again!   


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  10:46  (1.6m)              High Tide:  16:40  (6.7m)



Surf Forecast for Friday 24th January 2020  

More smallish but nicely shaped little waves should be rolling our way all day again today, a couple of feet in the morning picking up a little on the afternoon tide.
With that light offshore continuing to breeze in from the east, we are promised another day of gliding across some pleasantly shaped little surf!   

Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

We are promised another weekend of two halves this weekend, Saturday continuing the theme of smallish surf but nicely shaped by those same light offshore breezes with a change due by Sunday.
If you love these calm and settled, clean conditions then you might want to make the most of what there is through Saturday because by Sunday we will be enjoying a return to blustery and damp south westerly winds!
They will blow a lot more swell our way though, pushing a decent couple to three feet of crunchy little surf into Harlyn on the afternoon spring tide.
But overall, another fun weekend awaits and it’s quiet in the area too – a perfect recipe for a get-away weekend maybe?!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!