Constantine (1*) – 4-5′

It’s a windblown and messy scene down in the bay this morning, a gusting west north westerly blowing the four feet or thereabouts of grey and mixed up surf into a complete mess.

Those gusting showers are adding that bit of sting to the wind, the grey sky reflected in that moody sea.

It’s not the place to aim for if you’re looking for a surf today, unless you want to paddle for ever only to take off on a head high mush burger!

Let’s have a look over the other side and see if Harlyn has anything…..

Harlyn (1*) – 3-4′


It’s a mixed up and blown out, windswept mess of a sea around here this morning too!

There’s a couple of feet of sloppy and choppy surf being blown over way too early and way too deeply to be fun to surf. And that’s on the rising tide! It is likely to be worse as the tide drops out in a minute.

So, maybe the south coast?

Although looking at the smaller size of the swell, it’s unlikely that there will be enough size to get anything firing over there.

But if you know differently then tell us (Twitter: @Constantinesurf, email: [email protected])!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 09:22 (6.2m) Low Tide: 15:47 (2.1m)


Surf Forecast for Friday 24th January 2014

It looks like another day where we can expect more strong onshores, more rainy weather, the same sort of mixed up swell and generally little to get excited about!

Saying that, there should be another little surge of swell approaching through the afternoon. jumping up what is already there by another few feet. But apart from giving the seascape artists more inspiration, it’s unlikely to do much for anyone else. The wind is forecast to be strong and onshore everywhere for the whole day!

But there might very well be enough swell getting around to the far coast to make it worth the journey!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

It’s looking like another stormy one!

Onshore, westerly going north westerly winds are set to blow through the whole weekend, the surf booming through Saturday and then boosting again on Sunday.

Saturday should see an okayish Harlyn morning, the wind a steady west south westerly, gusting more strongly through lunchtime and then maybe slipping a little too northerly to be good by the afternoon.

The morning though should produce a half decent five feet or so of fairly organised and thumping surf, Harlyn grinders testing more glass jobs for weaknesses! As the tide drops through the afternoon though, that wind is likely to have slipped more completely onshore, making a mess of all of it.

By Sunday morning, Harlyn should be on fire, the wind having swung to the south west and the swell having doubled in size overnight. Get on it quickly though because, as that swell continues to build again, the wind is probably going to swing back to the north west through the afternoon, making a choppy and sloppy mess of it all.

We should see some brightness through Saturday afternoon and again maybe on Sunday afternoon but there are going to be plenty of power showers to duck through too!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!