Constantine (4*):  3 to 5 ft

at 6.40 a.m.

It’s a bright and beautiful morning this morning, that pale blue sky stretching forever, eventually meeting the deep blue sea in a pale and hazy blur.
And the surf is pumping!
Three to four to occasionally five feet of raw and powerful looking, lined up and grinding waves are stacking up behind the Reef and off the Slab, a wedging peak spinning both ways behind the Point. The breeze is light, a breathless south easterly whispering into those majestic waves while the tides are neap with barely a four metre movement.
Nature seems to be celebrating Cornwall gaining ‘Minority Status‘ this morning with wonderful surf and beautiful weather!
If you have any chance of getting a surf in today then I would suggest that you grab it with both hands – it’s not like this very often!

Harlyn (2*):  2 to 3 ft


There’s a couple of feet of crumbly but closing out surf crashing ashore here this morning too. The tide is too low (an hour or so off low tide) but you can see the swell lines moving in.
It is small but the set waves are a decent couple of feet, maybe occasionally just a bit bigger, potentially offering Harlyn fans something to look forward to ahead of high tide. But it is the other side that’s looking glorious today, all of the main surf breaks on the other side of the headland just looking great.
Have a good one wherever you decide to go!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 19:41  (1.9m)            High Tide:  13:04 (5.9m)


Surf Forecast for Friday 25th April 2014

Those light breezes and clear, bright skies are with us today as well, the wind gradually slipping more south westerly as the day rolls on but maybe offering an evening glass off for the patient (or early weekenders).
The surf is likely to have dropped a bit but should still be hanging in the three foot range, still fairly clean and still enticing.
Yep, some more great surf should be waiting for us today!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

The winds are forecast to stay relatively light well into the weekend, Friday’s breeze turning to more of a wind and slipping south westerly through Saturday and then more westerly for Sunday.
The three feet of clean surf on Friday should double or close to treble by Saturday, still keeping a double digit wave-period and so maintaining some shape in the wind.
So, a pumping swell with plenty of dry enough and bright weather should provide us with an action packed and very surfy weekend, Harlyn kicking in by Saturday morning with some crunchy sandblasters for everyone!
And rumour has it that the Harlyn Classic might just run on Saturday too! 
 Yep, it’s all looking good for another surf filled and massively fun weekend!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!