At 6.10 a.m:  

Constantine (1*):  3 feet

A grey skied sullenness is spreading its odd cosiness over us this morning, the threat of a little downpour all around us but otherwise it is all mild enough and pleasant enough.
The breeze is light but onshore and fresh enough to junk the three feet or so of rolling surf into a crumbled and lumpy mix.
But that breeze should ease even more, hopefully allowing the dropping tide to sharpen things up later on this morning.
In the meantime, Harlyn should still have some waves managing to get in there……  


Harlyn (0*):  1 to 2 feet  

A couple of feet or so of smooth faced little walling waves are managing to swing around and into Harlyn this morning, snapping down hard on the half-tide sand, enticing a few in with promises of the odd one winding across the beach.
I’m guessing that it will improve as the tide fills in before slowly dropping as the tide empties. But hopefully by then the breeze will be kinder over on the other side of the headland and the sun might even burn through by this afternoon as well.  


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  15:43  (1.7m)              High Tide:  09:24  (6.5m)



Surf Forecast for Friday 3rd August 2018  

A bright and sunny day should bring light offshore breezes through the morning to smooth and shape one to two feet of clean swell. It is only going to be small but it should be pleasant enough to spend an hour or two gliding across a few little waves in the sunshine!
Before the onshore sea breezes kick in through the afternoon that is!  

Surf Conditions for the Weekend 

A weekend of light breezes and some gorgeous sunshine with small but very pleasant surf awaits!
The light breeze of Saturday will be drifting down from the north, strengthening through midday into the afternoon as the sea breeze effect takes control. But there should be plenty of sunshine along with a pleasant enough couple of feet or so of hopefully only lightly slopped swell.
By Sunday morning the breeze will be almost non-existent and offshore from the east north east. The surf should be beautifully shaped but maybe quite small, maybe only being in the knee to waist high range at our better, more swell exposed breaks but fun nevertheless.
Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!